Charlie Cox Just Discovered The Save Daredevil Petition And He's All In

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Daredevil fans are trying to save the cancelled series, and they can add a huge ally to their ranks. The star of the superhero drama endorsed the petition to restore the show. Here's what Charlie Cox himself said:

I found out the other day there's this petition, #SaveDarevil. You can sign it. Sign it!

From Charlie Cox's lips to powerful executives' ears! What the Matt Murdock/Daredevil star said during a panel at ACE Comic Con, per Comic Book, will only help bolster the campaign. Cox joins his Daredevil co-star Vincent D'Onofrio in supporting the fan campaign to save the show.

Last week, Vincent D'Onofrio gave fans' campaign a huge boost when he shared it on his social media. With Charlie Cox echoing his support, it has only enhanced the call to action's exposure.

While the shock of Netflix having cancelled the popular show took many by surprise, they are now taking action. As it stands now, the petition to save Daredevil is currently seeing signatures hover around 180,000.

Along with the petition, fans are actively using the social media hashtag #SaveDaredevil to give voice to their cause. Such lengths have paid off for fans in the past.

When Fox cancelled the supernatural drama Lucifer, fans leaped into action. Those efforts paid off when Netflix saved the show for a fourth season. Sadly, Netflix is not currently slated to give Daredevil a Season 4.

The good news is that fans are not giving up and, clearly, neither is the cast. Lucifer's cast supporting their fans' efforts only helped its campaign. There is robust reason to believe the same will apply to Daredevil.

It is always lovely to see the cast of a show support its continuation, post-cancellation. Such things speak to the actors' investment in the shows they star in. With Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio giving voice to the save Daredevil campaign, maybe something can happen.

Charlie Cox has been open about how he feels regarding the superhero show being cancelled. The actor expressed his pre-cancellation belief the show would continue, while also sharing both his understanding and sadness regarding the decision. Cox was not alone in thinking the show would prevail.

One of the show's writers and a Daredevil producer both discussed the shock surrounding the show's cancellation. While everyone is on-board in being taken aback by the decision, one of the big questions has been "why."

Questions continue to mount about the motivation behind Daredevil's cancellation. Netflix's decision followed the back-to-back cancellations of Iron Fist and Luke Cage. What it all means for Marvel's television universe in the upcoming Disney+ streaming era remains to be seen.

What fans do know is that Charlie Cox is backing the petition to save the show. Here is hoping it succeeds!

The first three seasons of Daredevil are currently available to stream on Netflix. The series is among many available to binge-watch on the streaming giant in 2019. There is a lot of content to look forward to and hopefully, Daredevil Season 4 will eventually join it.

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