NCIS: New Orleans Is Bringing Back An Old Friend

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As NCIS: New Orleans continues to flesh out the back stories of its main cast, the NCIS spin-off will bring back a character tied to a famous face. Actor and director Tom Arnold will return to the procedural to portray Pride's friend Elvis Bertrand. This time, Elvis is bringing someone else along for the ride, as the cast of recurring characters is set to grow by one.

Elvis Bertrand is back, and this time he's got his daughter with him, who doesn't fall far from the tree. TVLine mentioned she's also a professional hacker, and her character description adds that she's a lesbian. The two are set to arrive in a Season 5 episode sometime this spring, presumably in an episode that requires a bit of computer work or security hacking.

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This will be the first time Tom Arnold's Elvis Bertrand has been seen since Season 4, when he helped Pride out of a tricky situation. As Pride awaited trial by grand jury, Elvis worked with Sydney Halliday and Oliver Crane in an effort to clear his name. The group was successful, although there were a few close calls as Elvis made his way into Amelia's computer to find data that would clear his friend's name.

This upcoming episode will mark the fourth one Tom Arnold has guest-starred in since his debut in the 2016 episode "Suspicious Minds." His following episode "Return of the King" continued on with the Elvis references before being broken in the two-part Pride-centric episode. If Elvis and his daughter are two of the principal characters in this adventure, it's possible NCIS: New Orleans may bring back the Elvis references, but there's no guarantee. (Here's hoping his daughter's name is Lisa Marie.)

Tom Arnold has been up and around television and appeared on various shows over the years, but NCIS: New Orleans is a show he continues to come back to. It's the one series where he's had a recurring presence in recent memory, as he's appeared on one episode a season since 2016. It's not quite enough to start rumors he's looking at taking on a larger recurring role, but clearly he enjoys being a part of the CBS series.

Then again, what's the purpose of bringing in this new daughter character? Is this daughter being introduced in order to write Tom Arnold's Elvis off NCIS: New Orleans? If, in the future, Arnold is unavailable, the team will presumably be able to call on Elvis' daughter to do the same job. Of course, we still have yet to learn if she's quite as talented as her father, but we have a hunch she'll be up to snuff.

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