One Day At A Time Cancelled At Netflix, Stars React To The News

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Despite a sizable swell of support from fans and critics One Day at a Time, Netflix has cancelled the comedy. The sitcom reboot ran for three seasons on the streaming giant, and all hopes for a fourth season renewal happening there are now gone.

Though a lot of recent social media activity aimed to help save the series, Netflix itself announced the decision. Now the question many fans who cherish the series want to know: why was it cancelled?

Well, there is probably more than one factor apparently at play. While One Day at a Time streams on Netflix, Sony Pictures Television actually owns it. Having to license the show costs Netflix money, and the main way for Netflix to justify such prices involves ratings and subscription-drivers. In the end, Netflix was apparently not content enough with the numbers.

One Day at a Time will not go on to see another new day at Netflix, but there is some hope for it to get revived elsewhere. The sitcom is being shopped around by the studio, per one of its executive producers, Mike Royce. So there is an optimistic way of looking at things.

Still, the cancellation news is crushing for fans hoping to hear a different verdict from the streaming giant. It has been a rough couple of months for enthusiasts of the platform’s shows. Netflix’s announcement regarding One Day at a Time's renewal was widely expected to arrive this week, with star Isabella Gomez previously hinting at the news being imminent.

Speaking of the series’ stars, this is how they have been reacting to the heartbreaking Netflix cancellation on social media.

Justina Machado

The actress who starred as mother-of-two Penelope Alvarez, Justina Machado, has taken to Twitter to share her thoughts. Amid the cancellation news, the One Day at a Time star expressed her gratitude at being able to take on the role. Read her message for yourself below:

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Justina Machado's poignant response remains focused on thankfulness. Many fans obviously feel grateful to have been able to watch her performance as Penelope for three seasons.

Isabella Gomez

The actress who brought Penelope’s eldest child, Elena, to life also posted a sweet message on Twitter. She actually posted two tweets related to the cancellation news, but more on that in a minute. As far as what she said first, she was like her TV mom in expressing thanks.

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Not too long after that initial tweet, Isabella Gomez posted a hopeful follow-up regarding the show’s future. She quoted the tweet mentioned above from one of One Day at a Time’s executive producers. Check it out:

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The quest for Season 4 may not be over yet, fans! One door has closed, but another one could theoretically open, so long as we take day at a time. Gomez definitely isn't the only one looking for a potential pick-up elsewhere.

Todd Grinnell

Todd Grinnell, who who played landlord Pat Schneider on One Day at a Time, also took to Twitter to share his feelings. Like Isabella Gomez, Todd Grinnell expressed hope that One Day at a Time could find a new home.

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Let that miracle commence! Sadly, while Netflix has been a shelter from the storms of cancellations for other shows. But when it comes to its own cancelled series, that means there's one less place to find a second home.

Gloria Calderón Kellett

You cannot close out the One Day at a Time team’s reactions without executive producer Gloria Calderón Kellett. Taking to Twitter with an expansive and insightful thread addressing the cancellation, Kellett started her thoughts off with those seen below.

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Many tweets followed that one, and it was generous of Gloria Calderón Kellett to take the time to pen so many thoughtful messages. It is a closer look into the behind-the-scenes side of television that not all EPs offer.

Gloria Calderón Kellett goes on to say that she believes in miracles. Fans will have to keep the faith alive One Day at a Time gets one with a renewal pickup elsewhere.

Stay tuned as the search for One Day at a Time Season 4 gets underway. For now, the first three seasons of One Day at a Time are currently available to binge on Netflix.

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