What's In The Box? NCIS: Los Angeles Reveal Is 'Game Changing,' Deeks Star Says

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UPDATE: During the March 17 wedding episode, it was revealed that Kensi gave Deeks her father's ring, and a moving letter:

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Kensi and Deeks’ big day on NCIS: Los Angeles is almost here! After nine seasons, the couple is about to tie the knot. As exciting as it is that they're getting married, there is something else that will happen in this Sunday’s much-anticipated episode. Deeks is finally going to open the box. Yes, the box.

Eric Christian Olsen teased the big box reveal for Kensi and Deeks’ wedding episode. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to that box. The NCIS: Los Angeles actor reveals that its contents are a game changer. Here is what Olsen told TVLine about what is inside it and what it means:

We find out what’s in the box, and that beautiful reveal, I think, has an emotional impact that no one is really prepared for. When you look at the box and its history in its entirety, what’s in the box, and her putting that in the box, at the point in their relationship at which she did, is masterful storytelling by the producers and writers. It almost changes the last six seasons. That she knew at that point what was in that box was what it was is game changing. So I think they’ll be thrilled with that.

Is Deeks opening pandora’s box? No, this sounds like something lovely. Best guess: Kensi put in a memento, always believing they would end up together. Or it could be something else entirely. That is why it is a mystery and why you will have to tune in Sunday to see it get solved.

The box came into play back in Season 4. For five seasons, its contents have remained an ongoing point of intrigue. There was one clue for Deeks to consider. Kensi told him that inside of it is everything he has ever wanted. Well, since Kensi could not possibly be inside that opens things up a bit.

The box had arrived initially for Kensi before ending up on Deeks’ desk. What could be inside that is so explosive, Eric Christian Olsen says that it is “game changing?” And how could it change the past six seasons?

When it came time to film the reveal of the box’s contents, the moment got a light-hearted lift. NCIS: Los Angeles’ executive producer R. Scott Gemmill opted to liven up the big reveal with one of his own. He played a practical joke on Eric Christian Olsen, per TV Insider. What happened? When Olsen opened the box, he found another object hidden inside.

That moment created quite a stir of genuine surprise on Eric Christian Olsen, which the camera then captured. NCIS: Los Angeles opted to use that take for the final scene, so fans will get to see it. Daniela Ruah and Olsen recently went on The Talk to promote the wedding episode. At one point, “talk” turned to the box. Check out what they had to say:

If that does not get you both curious and excited at the same time, not much else probably can. This reveal has been a long time in the making and, based on what Eric Christian Olsen is saying, it should be worth the wait. Long-awaited moments such as these are hard to top, so NCIS: Los Angeles has its work cut out for it.

Find out what is inside the box when Deeks and Kensi’s wedding gets unpacked. It all happens in this Sunday’s episode airing on March 17 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. New episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles regularly air at the same time and place.

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