Supergirl Already Has Big Plans For James' Sister (As Alex's New Love Interest?)

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James Olsen's sister is on the verge of making her debut. Before her arrival, Supergirl has already announced they have big plans for Kelly Olsen. Her portrayer, Azie Tesfai, has not made her first appearance in Season 4 yet, but there is already exciting news about her future.

The actress will go from recurring in Season 4 to a series in regular in the already-renewed Season 5. All of which hints at Kelly Olsen having a major role to play on Supergirl moving forward. Along with revealing her enhanced status with Supergirl, TVLine teased where Kelly’s story is heading.

The report heavily hints Kelly Olsen could be set to find love as Alex Danvers’s new romantic interest. Supergirl fans will get a chance to see how they hit it off when Kelly makes her long-awaited debut in tomorrow night's (Sunday, March 17) episode.

Fans will not have to wait long either. Alex and Kelly appear to be introduced to each other right away. In a promotional picture from the episode, Kelly and Alex can be seen sitting together in what appears to be a hospital waiting room. Check it out above.

Is Kelly treating Lex Luthor and Alex meets her there? Because, yes, this is the episode that also introduces Jon Cryer's Lex Luthor. The description for Sunday’s episode says he is on a "furlough" due to the state of his health. Maybe Kelly is at the hospital to treat him? She is still in training, so it is unclear. More on that in a minute.

News of James Olsen’s sister coming to Supergirl took place a while ago. The announcement of Azie Tesfai’s casting as Kelly came out way back in October of last year. It has taken until March for her to make her much-anticipated debut.

Who is Kelly? Here is what's known about James’ sister, per Deadline. When she makes her way to Supergirl, Kelly is finishing her training to become a psychiatrist. She has recently gotten discharged from the military, following a stint she took on to pay for medical school.

As far as her personality goes, Kelly is described as smart and "insightful" with a big heart for people. She is said to care deeply for others. You could not ask for better qualities.

Alex broke up with her fiancé Maggie in Season 3. A disagreement over having kids turned out to be their relationship’s undoing. Alex wants to have kids, and Maggie did not. That should be a question Alex would want to address ahead of time with Kelly -- if they do get together -- as to avoid a repeat.

Kelly will be sticking around and presumably taking on a prominent role, considering the actress’ upped status for Season 5. Hence, Kelly and Alex should have more than enough time to sort out their relationship, if TVLine's hint proves true.

It will be interesting to learn what happens. Kelly makes her debut in Sunday’s installment, which will also welcome Jon Cryer’s Lex Luthor. So, Supergirl will have a lot going on in its next episode.

Watch Kelly Olsen make her debut this Sunday, March 17 on Supergirl. New episodes of Supergirl air Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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