Supergirl's Dreamer Suits Up In First Look At Nia Nal's Superhero Costume

Supergirl dropped exciting news over the summer with the reveal that a new transgender superhero would be a series regular in the fourth season, and Nicole Maines has been a fun addition to the cast as reporter Nia Nal. Although Nia has already been a hero in her own ways without the use of any powers, fans have been waiting to see her official transformation into the superhero Dreamer.

Now, with the second half of Season 4 soon to get going, the first look at Nia suited up as Dreamer has been released, and she looks amazing. Check her out!

Dreamer is on the way! While fans still have a little bit of a wait before they get to see Nia Nal in action in her new super suit, it's already safe to say that she'll stand out among the superheroes on Supergirl. Unlike the Girl of Steel, Dreamer will have more of a streamlined look, notably wearing pants rather than a skirt. She'll also wear a mask, although it won't conceal her features quite as much as the Guardian mask did for James. Still, it's more than what Kara wears as Supergirl!

Any comics readers who have wondered if Nia Nal will resemble the Nura Nal character from DC lore will note that the Supergirl costume covers a lot more skin and is therefore much more practical for actually fighting crime. That said, the lighter colored portion on her torso looks somewhat similar to what Nura Nal wears in the comics.

The swirling light in the image seems to point toward Nia's unique abilities as Dreamer, which will begin to be explored in the not-too-distant future on Supergirl. In the upcoming "Blood Memory" episode, which airs on January 27, viewers will learn Nia's backstory, how she got her powers, and the difficulties that come with them. She and Kara will travel to Nia's hometown for a visit with Nia's family, and Nia's mom will encourage her to embrace her destiny.

By the end of "Blood Money," viewers will get a quick look at the costume, but it won't be until the February 17 episode of Supergirl (called "Menagerie") that Nia will be suited up for action as Dreamer.

Nicole Maines chatted with CinemaBlend and other outlets during a fall set visit about suiting up as Dreamer, and she had this to say about what it was like trying on the costume for the first time:

Constricting. Tight. For the first time it was for a fitting, so they have the model and they have your sizes, but when you first put it on in person, they kind of realize, 'Okay, this needs to go up more, this needs to be hemmed,' or 'Wow, you can't get your arm through this.' So, constricting.

Superhero suits tend to be quite form-fitting, so it's no wonder that the designers needed Nicole Maines herself in the suit to get it just right! Anticipation for Dreamer in costume has been high, and only built the more Nia showed that she has what it takes to be a hero, so it was important that Supergirl nail the right look for her. It looks like whatever tweaks were needed to the constricting first fit worked out!

The Arrow-verse has been on a roll when it comes to amazing new costumes for superheroes lately. Who do I talk to about getting Batwoman, Dreamer, and the other female superheroes of the Arrow-verse all in a scene together? Arrow's Emily Bett Rickards would be on board!

Nicole Maines went on during the set visit to share her feelings when she knew that she was getting a Dreamer super suit:

I'm so excited. I'm trying to conduct myself on set in a professional manner, and be like 'I'm not completely obsessed with the super suit,' but it's all I think about. Every morning I wake up, 'I'm getting a super suit!' I'm going to sleep, 'I'm getting a super suit!' I'm really, really excited. It's gonna be gorgeous! I have the best super suit. I do.

Will fans agree that Nicole Maines got the best super suit as Dreamer? Only time will tell! Tune in to Supergirl on January 27 for a first look at the suit on the show, and don't miss the February 17 episode that reveals Maines suited up in live-action. Supergirl will premiere in the 2019 midseason lineup on Sunday, January 20 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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