Game Of Thrones' Lena Headey Wants People To Remember She's Not Just Cersei Lannister

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Game of Thrones is about to air its final season. During its run, Cersei Lannister has been one of the show’s most dangerous players. By the end, Lena Headey will have played Cersei Lannister with tremendous might for eight seasons.

The actress wants viewers to know that she can play more than the iron-fisted Cersei. Reflecting on the road ahead, post-Cersei, Lena Headey revealed her desire for folks to see the next step in her acting career. Speaking about her career outside of Game of Thrones, Headey told The Daily Beast:

With Cersei, it’s been eight years, so that character is big in people’s minds, and now it’s over. That tiny TV show. People sort of forget the work previous, which is a very different thing. It’s part of the next life. I appreciate all that success, and if it brings with it the fact that people think that’s it, I’m very happy to show them differently.

This Game of Thrones viewer can recall Lena Headey’s work long before she took on the intimidating role of Cersei. In fact, she was one of the recognizable faces that started with the show. Before starring on the HBO hit, she gave memorable turns in Zac Snyder’s hit flick 300 as well as in the lead role as Sarah Conner in Fox’s sci-fi series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

It is also worth mentioning that Lena Headey was great in the 2009 thriller Tell Tale. After that, during her time on Game of Thrones, she also turned in an understatedly spectacular performance in 2015’s Zipper.

Hence, she has already proven she has what it takes to make good on showing viewers the other facets of her acting abilities. Lena Headey has a range. She has more in store after wowing audiences as the cunning Cersei.

Now that filming for Game of Thrones is over, there should be a mountain of offers piling up for her to take on her next big role. It will be interesting to find out what that will be.

For now, viewers can look forward to her final bow as one of Game of Throneshardest-to-anticipate characters. Following in that tradition, Cersei was a scene-stealer in the trailer for Season 8. Her brief shots were enough to fill speculation until the premiere.

From the sneak peeks alone, it is clear that Lena Headey is going for gold. If you are looking forward to her acting out her final moments as the seemingly doomed queen, you are not alone. It should undoubtedly be another towering performance.

Heading into the final season, Cersei is still the reigning Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Despite theories to the contrary, there is also confirmation that she is indeed pregnant with her twin brother’s baby. So she has a lot on the line as the series’ final bow begins.

Lena Headey was around before Game of Thrones, and there is every reason to believe her career will keep going strong after it. Find out how the ending chapter of Cersei’s story concludes when Game of Thrones' final season premieres. Season 8 starts Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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