Yes, There's A Way You Can Own Daredevil's Actual Netflix Costume, But It'll Cost You

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Fans of Daredevil got some word worthy of Wilson Fisk back in November 2018 when news broke that Netflix had cancelled the superhero series. The Devil of Hell's Kitchen may not be back on the small screen in any form for quite a while, but fans missing the series do have a shot at owning the iconic red costume... for a price. Here's what's happening.

Marvel Entertainment is teaming up with Prop Store for a Marvel Television live auction. This is the first of its kind to ever happen with Marvel and the Prop Store, which is a leading company in TV and film memorabilia. The live auction will give fans the chance to own costumes from Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, all of which were cancelled late last year. In addition to costumes, props and set decoration will be up for bidding.

More than 750 lots will be up for bidding in the Marvel TV auction, which will run over a span of two days this summer. The action will go down at Prop Store's auction facility, located in Los Angeles County. That said, if you're hoping to get your hands on some of Daredevil's toys (or Danny Rand's or Luke Cage's) but live far from L.A., there's hope. Out-of-towners have the option of participating online or via telephone.

The auction itself will go down in August 2019, but bidding will open in July. As of now, memorabilia from other cancelled shows Jessica Jones and The Punisher are not listed as part of the lots for bidding. Still, there are plenty of options from the other three shows, and Jessica Jones and The Punisher were the last to be cancelled. Perhaps props from those shows will be offered up at a later date. Season 3 of Jessica Jones hasn't even aired yet.

The cost for the costumes and props is likely to be sky-high by the time somebody wins the final bid, so luckily, the items will come with authentication from Marvel and Prop Store. There may be some high quality replicas out there for collectors and/or cosplayers, but only those coming from the Prop Store auction will come with a certificate of authenticity from Marvel.

The auction may still be months away, but you might not want to wait to peruse the items that will be available (and figure out how much cash you're willing to shell out to get your hands on some of them). Notable items on the Daredevil front include Matt's aluminum baton, his round red glasses, and the Nelson and Murdock law sign.

His black suit doesn't seem to be available at this time, but the black suit seems way easier to make yourself than the red one. Even Matt made it himself for Season 3, and he was barely functional for half of Season 3! If you were more of a fan of Elektra than Matt, you have the opportunity to take home her sai and her battle costume.

Luke Cage fans have the chance to bid on Luke's bullet-riddled hoodie costume, Misty Knight's bionic arm, and Pop's swear jar. Iron Fist fans -- and there were some out there -- can nab Danny's stunt yellow Iron Fist mask, Colleen Wing's katana, and the thangka tapestry display case. Many more items will likely be listed as the auction gets closer.

For now, you can always rewatch Daredevil and the other cancelled Marvel shows on Netflix. Even though no new seasons will happen on the streaming giant, the existing seasons aren't going anywhere, and there's still that one season of Jessica Jones left before the Netflix lineup is totally devoid of Marvel TV originals.

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