How Dynasty Wrote Out Nicollette Sheridan Ahead Of Alexis Recasting

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Nicollette Sheridan’s run as Alexis Carrington on Dynasty came to a close in last night's episode. In late February, the news that Sheridan would vacate the role got announced. Fast forward to late March and viewers of the reboot finally learned how she exited and why Alexis will need to get recast.

The Dynasty episode saw Alexis go from the high of being reunited with her son, Adam, to the low of being confronted for her deceit. Adam challenged Alexis with the fact she tried to fake Hank was her son. He even caught her trying to burn the proof.

What ensued next was brutal. Alexis attempted a mea culpa and expressed remorse for her actions. Adam feigned acceptance of his mother’s apology and gave his blessing for the remaining evidence to be destroyed. That turned out to be her near-fatal mistake.

When his mom took him up on it, Adam reacted violently. He pushed her face into the fireplace. Thus, setting the stage for her to return with a new appearance and paving the way for that recast. How on earth Adam believes he is going to get away with this is a whole other question.

Nicollette Sheridan joined the cast of the Dynasty reboot back in November 2017. She made her debut as Alexis later on in the series’ first season. She returned for its second. Then in February with Season 2 winding down, Sheridan announced her departure from the show. The potential for a recast has gotten strongly alluded too.

For those wondering, the reason behind Nicollette Sheridan’s exit is family related. In a tweet, the actress revealed why she needed to leave. She wanted to spend as much time as possible with her terminally ill mom. Sheridan went on to express her hope that fans would embrace whoever took over the role of Alexis next.

The CW has yet to announce who will take over the role of Alexis. Or when fans could expect to see her. Alexis could be recovering from what her son did to her for a long time. If and when they do recast, now would be as good a time as any to start suggesting recasts.

Arrow’s Susanna Thompson would do a great job. She played the mother of Oliver and Thea Queen on Arrow. Moira Queen knew how to spin her share of lies to her children. That is something that Alexis tends to do regularly. Considering her excellent performance on Arrow, I think Thompson would be a great fit.

Time will tell who comes to fill the role. In all likelihood, the new actress will not make her debut until Season 3. The CW has already renewed the series for a third season, so all that is left to do now is wait for the casting news.

Episodes of Dynasty air Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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