How Pretty Little Liars Vet Tyler Blackburn Feels About That Big Caleb Reveal On The Perfectionists

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Pretty Little Liars’ spinoff series gave fans of the original a massive update in its latest episode. There were actually two Perfectionists reveals when you count the big relationship news for a particular couple. Caleb and Hanna also had some pretty revelatory news. They had their baby!

The exciting news has reached Caleb’s portrayer, Tyler Blackburn. The Pretty Little Liars actor shared what he thought about The Perfectionists reveal that Caleb is a dad now! Along with his reaction, Blackburn explained what it got him thinking about when it comes to a cameo on The Perfectionists. Blackburn told TVLine:

I thought that was amazing. Honestly, it made me think about where they are now and what they’re doing. Then I thought about what a cameo from Caleb would be like on The Perfectionists. What would his style be? Would he look older? … I’d be open.

This fan is also “open” to the actor reviving his role as Caleb for a brief reprise. Here is hoping the powers at The Perfectionists take him up on it. Not to be greedy because it is fantastic that Mona and Alison are both on the spinoff. More Pretty Little Liars stars never hurt anyone though, right?

Tyler Blackburn’s former co-stars may be around for The Perfectionists in the future, but not in front of the camera. Blackburn, on the other hand, sounds open to making an on-screen appearance on the spinoff. Yay! You may be wondering how the spinoff could explain him making a cameo without Hanna.

Well, with the baby needing to stay settled, it would make sense for Caleb to make the trip solo. It is not like he has not made those before. He did lead Pretty Little Liars first spinoff, the short-lived Ravenswood.

The explanation for Caleb visiting The Perfectionists could be a bit more complicated. What would bring him to The Perfectionists, if it is not Hanna wanting to see Mona? I have an idea.

Viewers of The Perfectionists got an eyeful of what appeared to be the mainframe of Beacon Guard. Mona could eventually want to dismantle it. Given Caleb’s skills as a tech expert, he could be the one Mona needs to help finish that theoretical mission. Or something else entirely.

Caleb would be more than willing to assist too. He and Mona had their rough spots. However, the two were on okay terms when Pretty Little Liars ended its run. Given that Mona is still BFFs with Hanna, she could have Hanna reach out to Caleb on her behalf. It makes sense that Caleb, being the good guy that he is, would want to help.

The Perfectionists gave Pretty Little Liars fans yet another reason to keep tuning in. Updates on the original show's cast of characters have been plentiful, which is helping keep them alive for fans, who miss their presence on the spinoff.

News of Hanna and Caleb welcoming their first baby comes after Hanna disclosed the couple was expecting in the series finale. Fans still do not know what the baby is named, so there is more to learn. The Perfectionists has provided the follow through.

Find out if there are more “Haleb” related updates when the Pretty Little Liars spinoff continues. New episodes of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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