How Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Will Handle Alison And Mona's Wildly Complicated Relationship

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Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists will feature a double dose of original characters, and that's not all from the original series that will be in the mix. Fans will get the return of Alison and Mona's wildly complicated relationship. Get ready to hit resume on one of Pretty Little Liars' most complex dynamics. Teasing how the show will handle their relationship on The Perfectionists, Janel Parrish said:

I think it might be one of the most fun things that fans will enjoy[.] Mona and Alison always kind of had a tumultuous relationship, but they also have a lot in common as well. So their situation kind of forces them to have to learn how to team up and find a new relationship and I think it is really interesting to watch their dynamic shift.

If you have Mona and Alison's relationship towards the top of your list of reasons for being excited about Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, you are not alone. It is at the top of my list too! What Janel Parrish told ET exclusively indicates a lot.

As she points out, Mona and Alison's relationship has never been smooth sailing. Towards the end of the original series, they had made peace and not much else. Fast forward to the spinoff and things may be changing between them. According to Janel Parrish, the once arch-nemeses are going to have to team up, and that is not all.

It sounds like their frosty feelings for one another may begin to melt. Janel Parrish mentions a shift in their dynamic. Given the spot they are starting from, one would think that the only direction they could take it is up.

Speaking as a fan of the original, I always found Mona and Alison's dynamic to be one of the most compelling. Hence, the news that Mona and Alison would star in the spinoff together was personally thrilling to hear.

Their reunion should also be a draw for long-time fans, as the pair will have to deal with each other without the Liars around to referee. In many ways, this is a dream come true.

I may have missed it, but what is bringing the frenemies together at long last? As in why have they both been drawn to Beacon Heights at the same time? Alison was last seen living with her new fiancée Emily while raising the twins together. Meanwhile, Mona was in Paris, holding Spencer's evil twin and Spencer's evil twin's mother captive in a makeshift dollhouse.

What draws Alison and Mona away from all of this for Beacon Heights? For Alison, it is a job opportunity. Mona's motivations are not as discernible. One other thing: who is taking care of Mona's captives, now that she is in Beacon Heights? Stay tuned.

Alison's relationship status with Emily has been clarified. As for Mona's love life, well, watch and see. Janel Parrish teased Mona's romantic prospects on Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, saying:

I think she deserves some serious love, like, an earth-shattering, to the core love. You might see something -- we'll see[.] What's interesting about Mona too is that for as smart as she is, she's not smart with relationships. She hasn't had a lot of experience with that and she's kind of been a lone wolf, so what's been really fun is kind of exploring how she's evolving and learning that sometimes her lifestyle can be lonely. She needs to let her guard down and let people in and so we'll see who she lets in.

Based on that, Mona sounds single as The Perfectionists gets underway. She seemed to have a boyfriend in Paris during Pretty Little Liars' series finale. Janel Parrish's comments indicate that their relationship is over. Remember how Mona dated Aria's brother, Mike, for a while? Maybe they will eventually get back together…or not.

Find out how and (hopefully why) Alison and Mona team up when Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists premieres Wednesday, March 20 at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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