Pretty Little Liars' Creator Clears Up Alison And Emily's Relationship Status On The Perfectionists

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Ever since Pretty Little Liars’ spinoff The Perfectionists was announced, and the fact that Alison would star in it without Emily, fans have had one significant question: What does this mean for Emily and Alison’s relationship? Well, Pretty Little Liars’ creator I. Marlene King has given PLL fans a much-anticipated update on Emily and Alison’s couple status. King said:

Emily and the babies are safe in Rosewood. Alison comes to Beacon Heights because an opportunity arises that she can't pass up. It's very hard for her to leave Emily and the babies, but we will understand as the first 10 episodes play out what's happened in that relationship, why it's happening and why Alison is so far away from Emily.

So, Emily and Alison may still be together, but maybe they are just on a break? What Pretty Little Liars’ creator, I. Marlene King told TV Guide indicates that fans will learn more of the backstory in the first 10 episodes of The Perfectionists.

Apparently, Alison had to take this teaching job in Beacon Heights. All the while knowing the physical distance it would put between her and Emily. The need for some space seems, right now, to be the source of the distance between them. Pretty Little Liars ended with Emily and Alison in such a great place, so this scenario is tough to comprehend without more context.

They were engaged to get married. Hence, Alison taking a job so far away for the spinoff is an off-screen development that has not boded well for the couple. What does Alison’s portrayer, Sasha Pieterse have to say about Emily and Alison’s relationship status? Pieterse shared:

To be honest, [showrunner Marlene King] hasn't told me anything, so I'm actually not lying when I tell you I don't know all the details, but it's very clear that Alison loves Emily and the babies. I think both Emily and Alison need time to process their life and I think that's what it is.

Like prospective viewers, Sasha Pieterse is apparently in the dark, to some extent, regarding Alison and Emily’s couple-dom. Their relationship status is one of the driving mysteries that curious Pretty Little Liars fans should be drawn in by. There are those who will be interested to watch The Perfectionists to learn more about why Emily and Alison are not physically together.

Whether they are officially broken up is another question altogether. Based on what everyone is saying, Emily and Alison seem to be weathering a break of some sort. It does not sound like anything insurmountable for them to overcome.

One of the significant questions The Perfectionists will have to face with Alison as its connective star is why she left Rosewood. She was blissfully happy with Emily when Pretty Little Liars ended. Job opportunities aside, one has to think there is more to the story. Her motivations are still unclear.

Hopefully, Shay Mitchell will reprise her role as Emily, and if The Perfectionists gets a second season, she can help clear things up on-screen. Fans will want closure if there is a Season 2 and Alison is around for it. The good news is that Emily and the babies are doing well and in Rosewood.

The Pretty Little Liars spinoff is just days away from premiering, and what is known so far about Alison and her time on The Perfectionists is beyond intriguing. Mona will also be heading to Beacon Heights, meaning that this is apparently the place to be these days. Alison and Mona have always had dueling agendas, though, so it makes sense that where one is, the other would not be too far behind.

Perhaps there is something in this new town that Alison was willing to temporarily leave Emily to discover. Or, things are on the rocks with Emily and Alison is just trying to figure it out solo before returning to Rosewood to co-parent the babies with Emily. We'll all have to tune in and find out.

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists premieres Wednesday, March 20 on Freeform. You can catch up on, or refresh your memory of the original series, on Netflix.

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