Watch David Harbour Reenact Stranger Things While Dressed As Eleven

David Harbour is in the midst of a press tour for the big screen's Hellboy, which means the world is getting a lot more of him and his genius antics as of late. More often than not, that's a good thing, and this recent collaboration with Comedy Central is the perfect mix of weirdness and humor we've come to expect from Harbour. Check out the sketch below for his fictional one man show, which features the Stranger Things star portraying Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven around the 2:20 mark.

What did we do to deserve David Harbour and the goofy things he does for everyone that loves him? This whole bit is spectacular, although the Stranger Things scenes are the crown jewels of this sketch. Portraying Eleven with the fake wig was great, and not only because we get to see how awkward Harbour would look as a mismatched blonde.

Still it's almost funnier watching Harbour reprise his role of Sheriff Hopper in a horrible way. Here's hoping that's the exact impression he goes with when random fans pester him to get into character in public.

Can someone please send this to the Duffer Brothers with a request to get Jack Demogorgon added to the show's canon? Hawkins needs more folks that are monsters on both the inside and out, and that aren't named Billy. At times, it's going to be hard to watch Season 3 after viewing this Comedy Central bit, knowing that more monsters from the Upside Down could've been David Harbour smoking a cigarette while wearing a trilby.

For those that skipped straight to the Stranger Things bit to see Harbour as his sorta-surrogate daughter, the whole video is worth a watch. He's got a story abut the first time he masturbated, which really sets the tone for a video that only gets sillier the longer it goes on. It's almost enough to make one want to actually see David Harbour do a one man show...almost. Why can't more actors like this choose to tell their life stories via bonkers stage performances?

David Harbour is a hilarious guy, and while his dramatic roles can be award-worthy, he really needs more chances to showcase his comedic chops. We probably won't see a lot of his humorous side in Stranger Things, but maybe there's hope for the upcoming Hellboy and Black Widow films? If not we'll always have the more subtle laughs from Sheriff Hopper, anchored by that wonderful dance that remains one of Season 2's most iconic moments. (Harbour even did the dance for a bunch of penguins one time.)

Audiences will be able to see David Harbour in Stranger Things Season 3 when it arrives on Netflix on Thursday, July 4. But everyone can see him a lot sooner in Hellboy, which debuts on Friday, April 12. Stick with CinemaBlend for updates on the latest and greatest television and movie news, and for occasional wild news about David Harbour.

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