How Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Ended Part 2 For Its Characters

Warning! The following contains spoilers for Part 2 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Read at your own risk!

Part 2 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is finally out on Netflix, and the latest episodes featured quite a bit of action that set the stage for what could be a very exciting Season 2. For those curious about what all happened, check out our breakdown that details each major character's fate below, and where they're likely headed in the future of one of television's hottest shows of the spring season.

Sabrina Spellman Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Sabrina Spellman

What Happened: Sabrina successfully managed to escape the Dark Lord's grasp and reversed her fate as the Herald of Hell. Additionally, she won back the trust of her mortal friends who are now cool with her being a witch and committed to helping her continue to fight evil. Unfortunately, she's short a boyfriend as Nick sacrificed himself to protect everyone else from Lucifer's wrath.

What's Next? Sabrina didn't leave a lot of mystery to what her next move is, and told her friends straight up she intends to rescue Nick from Hell. It's a bold move considering doing so may result in the Dark Lord's release on Earth again, not to mention anger Lillith who forged a alliance with Sabrina at the season's end. With Sabrina stirring the pot, it appears Chilling Adventures of Sabrina may not be all that different Riverdale after all.

Harvey Lilith Roz Theo Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Harvey, Roz, and Theo

What Happened? Sabrina's mortal friends helped keep the demons from escaping Hell with runes drawn by Harvey, and helped thwart the Dark Lord's plans. Harvey and Roz are still together, although there have been hints that Harvey still harbors feelings for Sabrina that may complicate things for everyone. Theo will be there to mediate regardless of the drama that surfaces from that, however, so fans shouldn't be too worried.

What's Next? The teens are all on board with helping Sabrina combat evil, and will do whatever they can to stop demons and presumably help rescue Nick from Hell. Doing so will undoubtedly put them in harm's way, but it's not like that wasn't the case before they got caught up in this mess.

Zelda and Hilda Spellman Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Hilda & Zelda Spellman

What Happened? Hilda and Zelda were initially against Sabrina's attempt to buck the chain of command within The Church of Night, but by the season's end both proved to be a vital part of enacting the plan to thwart both Father Blackwood and Satan. They weren't able to stop all evil plots, however, and found themselves two of the few survivors of the coven after Father Blackwood poisoned a good portion of the congregation.

What's Next? Zelda has become the de facto High Priestess of what remains of The Church of Night. At the moment that means some of the main characters, and two of The Weird Sisters, so expect Zelda to lean on Hilda for support and ways to increase the coven's numbers in future episodes. After all, how else are they going to crush the misogynistic rhetoric most covens are ruled by?

Nick Scratch Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Nicholas Scratch

What Happened? Nick was revealed to have betrayed Sabrina, and only got close to her under the Dark Lord's orders. Nick assured Sabrina he did actually fall in love with her, although it didn't seem she believed it until he used his body to contain the Dark Lord and keep him from destroying the world. Ambrose put a sleeping spell on Nick, and Lillith took his body to Hell as an extra precaution should Lucifer escape his body.

What's Next? Nick is in Hell with Lilith, though she promised Sabrina she would try to make him comfortable while there. Sabrina intends to rescue him regardless, even if doing so means the Dark Lord could escape his body and be back out into the world. That doesn't sound like a plan Nick would be comfortable carrying out, so don't be surprised if he pushes back should the teens actually get into Hell to rescue him.

Ambrose Spellman Prudence Blackwood Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Ambrose and Prudence

What happened? Ambrose and Prudence had a weird relationship throughout Part 2, which started with a brief romantic affair during the holiday of Lupercalia. Ambrose later became Prudence's prisoner when he was framed for killing the Anti-Pope, and her willingness to please Father Blackwood after he allowed her to take his name erased any will to make that stay comfortable. The two eventually came together again, and were seen amongst the group who stopped the Dark Lord.

What's Next? Ambrose and Prudence are seen at the end of Part 2 together and armed to the teeth with various melee weapons. It appears they're on a hunt, and after some ambiguity, a statue decapitation (not of the statue the show faced a lawsuit for and had to settle) revealed that they're going after Father Blackwood to kill him. Both are talented magic users, but no doubt Blackwood will still be a challenge to kill should they find him.

Father Blackwood Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Father Blackwood

What Happened? After Sabrina was chosen as the Dark Lord's right hand, Father Blackwood angrily sought out revenge against Satan. Blackwood poisoned and killed a bulk of the coven with wine during an unholy service, and fled with the baby in order to run from the Dark Lord and plot his next move.

What's Next? Father Blackwood doesn't have to worry about Satan for the time being, but it's fair to say his mass murder of the coven and misogynistic principals won't sit well with Hell's new ruler: Lilith. On top of that he's got Ambrose and Prudence tracking him with the intention to kill him, so Satan's return may be his sole saving grace at the moment. Should the Dark Lord return, Blackwood may be the first loyal recruit he wins back.

The Dark Lord Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

The Dark Lord

What Happened? The Dark Lord was returned to his angelic form, and had grand plans to rule Earth with his daughter Sabrina at his side. Sabrina flipped the script on him, and after a couple successful evasions of capture Lucifer was finally sealed within the body of Nick Scratch. He's trapped for the time being, and will be in Hell thanks to Lilith should he escape.

What's Next? Satan's best hope is Sabrina, who is intent on saving Nick. We're still not sure how easy it'll be for Satan to escape Nick, although I'd expect Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to explore more of that father/daughter dynamic via a possessed Nick should they rescue him. If Lucifer escapes, he's going to want his throne back, but we should wait and see if he does before contemplating all the wildness that could happen there.

Lilith Ms. Wardwell Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Ms. Wardwell/Lilith

What Happened: After the Dark Lord killed her boyfriend, Lilith set about trying to foil the Dark Lord's grand apocalyptic plan. After failed attempts to kill Sabrina, Lilith eventually revealed herself to the Spellmans and realized helping them may get all sides what they want. After Satan's capture she became the head of Hell and returned Sabrina's powers to her. She also brought the original Ms. Wardwell back to life, which showed she's not entirely heartless.

What's Next? Lilith is clearly not going to be on board with Sabrina's plan to rescue Nick, as his escape could result in the Dark Lord's return on Earth. This would jeopardize her claim to Hell as he's much more powerful than she is, so don't be surprised if Sabrina's stunt severs their alliance forged at the end of Part 2.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Netflix

The Church Of Night

What Happened: Many of the students at the Academy of the Unseen Arts and the local coven that made up the Church of Night were poisoned by Father Blackwood after he was rejected by Satan. It's not entirely clear who of the minor characters survived that, but Zelda and Hilda made it sound as though the congregation was gone outside of the main cast and the two lesser Weird Sisters, Dorcas and Agatha.

What's Next? Though the mass murder of the coven was a bummer, Zelda Spellman now has a chance to shape the coven and encourage new recruits that promote a more progressive agenda. There's the potential to make some real change in the witch community, provided The Church of Night can increase its numbers before being squashed by a more traditional coven.

All of Season 1 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is now streaming on Netflix. Let us know your predictions for Season 2 down in the comments, or sound off on the things you did and didn't like on Season 1 in the comments below.

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