Star Wars' The Mandalorian Reveals First Look At Carl Weathers' And Gina Carano's Characters

Fans have been waiting a long time for more on Star Wars' first live-action series The Mandalorian, and now, the wait is finally over. Attendees at Star Wars Celebration got their first look at the upcoming Disney+ series' new characters, and some details about how they'll fit into Jon Favreau's story. We start with Carl Weathers' character, who was revealed to be the head of a bounty hunter organization that enlists the Mandalorian for a mission.

Carl Weathers The Mandalorian

He's got a blaster on either side (as seen in a wider shot), and from what Carl Weathers revealed, a disposition that shows he's not afraid to fire either if prompted. This "nefarious" -- his word -- individual is the head of a guild of bounty hunters and the man who sends Pedro Pascal's Mandalorian on a mission to retrieve an item of high value. Weathers was guarded about what he's looking for, but mentioned that his character believes the Mandalorian can get the job done.

The panel also revealed a first look image at Gina Carano's character, who wasn't described as a bounty hunter, but is linked with one other popular type of character in the Star Wars franchise. She was seen in two different outfits at the panel, both of which look ideal for someone who likes to kick some ass and possibly take some names as well.

Gina Carano The Mandalorian

Gina Carano's "Kara Dune" (more pictures here) is playing an ex-Rebel Shock Trooper who is having a bit of trouble getting re-acclimated to civilian life after the war. She'll likely find renewed purpose in The Mandalorian, as Jon Favreau has teased there's some chaos amongst the galaxy even five years after the events of Return of the Jedi. Will she be a friend the Mandalorian can call on, or an obstacle in his way?

That's a question worth asking, as the cast and crew at the panel definitely hinted there's a bit of moral ambiguity to many characters in The Mandalorian. One could interpret this as everyone has something to be guilty of, as opposed to being the explicitly good characters in the franchise. That's not too surprising, given this is a show that centers around a bounty hunter, which isn't necessarily the most noble profession one can go into.

As we learned during Star Wars Celebration, The Mandalorian will be part of Disney+'s day one content. Unfortunately, only the first episode will be available at the beginning, but future episodes directed by some of the best directors in the business are sure to come sooner than later. Hopefully, the premiere will be loaded with all its talented cast, so we don't have to wait a second longer to see these folks in action!

Episode 1 of The Mandalorian will arrive on Disney+ Tuesday, November 12. Stick with CinemaBlend in the meantime for more on the upcoming Star Wars series, and for other updates regarding Disney+.

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