Why The Flash's Punishment Of Nora Could Send Her Back To Reverse-Flash

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Flash's "Godspeed." Read at your own risk.

After weeks of waiting, The Flash fans finally learned what would happen to Nora following the discovery that she's been collaborating with Reverse-Flash. At first, it seemed like all would be forgiven, as Iris released her daughter from the pipeline and allowed her to tell Team Flash the rest of the story behind her coming to the past. At the end all seemed convinced of Nora's intentions, except Barry who still wasn't buying it.

Still pent up with anger, he grabbed Nora and returned her to her time in the future. He told her never to come back to his time, and that if she tries to, he'll sense her through the speed force. It was a rough moment, and while Barry may have had the best intentions in preventing any future harm to Team Flash, he may have made things worse by unwittingly driving Nora back into Eobard Thawne's clutches.

Let's face it, Nora isn't much of a rule follower. She's gone against Team Flash protocol a handful of times, and can be rather rash and impulsive in her decision making. She's likely going to try and find a way back to help her parents, but obviously being detected while traveling through the speed force will make any attempt short-lived. Nora's far too inexperienced in her powers to find a way past Barry, so she'll need help.

If she's looking to know more about manipulating the speed force, Reverse-Flash is her only option. If there's a way to sneak past Barry back into the past, he surely knows it. After all, he seems to know more about manipulating the Speed Force than even Barry, so we'd expect he has at least one trick up his sleeve if not more.

Which puts him in a rather advantageous situation. With Nora desperate to reconnect with her father, she might be driven to do something pretty severe to get Thawne's help. This could include stopping his execution, whether to set him free in exchange for information or to torture him on her own for answers on how to get back undetected. The Flash's viewers can all probably agree both options are terrible ideas, as Nora truly doesn't understand who she's dealing with.

While Nora may very well run back to Thawne for guidance, it's worth pointing out he's not the only ally she has. Future Iris West-Allen now has the knowledge of everything that has happened and may have a way to help her daughter. Whether that means getting Team Flash back together and using an extrapolator to talk to Barry herself or just being a shoulder to cry on, we don't know, but it's a better option than Thawne.

With The Flash already teasing some footage that may take place during "Crisis On Infinite Earths," these next few weeks should be interesting. Catch The CW series Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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