MacGyver Just Cast An Awesome Actor As A 'Bad MacGyver' With Hopes For Season 4

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Every hero tends to need a villain that serves as a reversal of values, making this next news all the more exciting. CBS' MacGyver is bringing in a new big bad before the end of Season 3, and like Lucas Till's problem-solver, the baddie's moniker also begins with an “M.” That is not all they share in common, either, but let's first celebrate who got cast for the role.

RoboCop icon and Sons of Anarchy actor Peter Weller is joining the Friday night drama as Mason, a.k.a. the “bad MacGyver.” Weller will make his MacGyver debut in the Season 3 finale, airing in May. He should offer MacGyver a foe that's more than formidable to go up against. and it turns out the show has actually sort of been setting the stage for the character. Showrunner Peter M. Lenkov says that all roads lead to Peter Weller’s character.

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The "Bad MacGyver"

Showrunner Peter M. Lenkov, credits the title of “bad MacGyver” as coming from the show’s star, Lucas Till. While it is a quick take, it is also a pretty insightful one regarding Peter Weller’s supervillain threat. Here's how Lenkov put it to TVLine.

He’s someone who has the same head as MacGyver, the same skills, but he uses it for nefarious purposes.

Same skill set, but with a different variety of motivations guiding his actions. Thank goodness MacGyver uses his craft-tastic powers for good. From the sound of things, Mason will provide a rough example of what MacGyver's life could have been had he focused on more malicious goals. It probably wouldn't be a happy story, though I'm sure Peter Weller will be smiling it up as Mason.

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Now What About Season 4?

CBS has yet to renew MacGyver for Season 4, and if the show does not get renewed, it would disrupt the plans in store for Peter Weller’s character. (Not to mention every other character.) But fans should take comfort in knowing that Peter Weller's Mason is coming in with the idea that the role would get expanded in Season 3. MacGyver’s showrunner explained the hope surrounding the new villain, saying:

Hopefully, if we come back next season, we’ll continue that arc.

If the show gets renewed, Peter Weller’s arc as Mason will presumably be proven to be more than a one-shot storyline. Which means viewers can expect to meet a villain who is not entirely defeated in the season finale. If MacGyver gets picked up for a fourth season, the plan is to bring him back for more anti-Mac mayhem in the fall. How can CBS not pick up the reboot with that on the table?

CBS has already picked up new seasons of NCIS and MacGyver’s time slot neighbor, Blue Bloods. Time will tell if MacGyver ends up getting the greenlight for a fourth go. As television fans approach May, networks tend to start firming up their fall slate, so an announcement is likely on the horizon. And MacGyver's chances are pretty good, given it's a ratings magnet during the dearth of Friday night primetime.

Season 3 has been a season of changes for MacGyver. The reboot bid farewell to George Eads’ Jack Dalton, as the actor wanted to leave the show. Jack left alive, though, so there is always the potential for him to return. Shortly after Eads’ departure, MacGyver announced actress Lenny Tran had been cast as his replacement, and Tran now plays Desiree “Desi” Nguyen.

Hopes for a crossover between MacGyver, Magnum P.I., and Hawaii Five-0 have been floating out there. Season 4 would be necessary to make both that and Peter Weller’s return as “bad MacGyver” possible, so keep watching!

Check out Peter Weller when he makes his villainous debut on MacGyver in the Season 3 finale. It airs Friday, May 10. New episodes of MacGyver air Fridays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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