Outlander Finally Back In Production, See First Look At Claire And Jamie In Season 5

Outlander is infamous at this point for its long breaks between seasons, and fans generally have to resign themselves to a new "Droughtlander" following the end of each batch of episodes. The good news is that the show is sharing some of what to expect. With production on Season 5 officially starting in Scotland, Starz has released a first look at Jamie and Claire looking as much in love as ever, along with some new details about what's in store. First, take a look at the long-suffering lovebirds!

Season 4 of Outlander ended on a cliffhanger that didn't leave any of the characters smiling, although there was a silver lining in the form of Bree and Roger reconciling and Roger accepting her child as his own. The redcoats arrived at River Run to call on Jamie on behalf of Governor Tryon to raise a militia. The first order of business for that militia? Fighting the Regulators and hunting down and killing Murtagh.

It's too soon to say how Jamie will deal with the summons from Governor Tryon, although it's probably safe to say that he won't be murdering his beloved godfather, even if Murtagh is long-dead and gone in Diana Gabaldon's book source material. Whatever happens, Jamie and Claire will still be able to take a happy moment for themselves, as seen in the picture.

Fortunately, some new details have been confirmed about what's in store, even if we'll have to wait until the premiere to discover precisely how Jamie handles the Murtagh situation. The Frasers will continue to navigate the ups and downs of life in colonial America mere years before the beginning of the Revolutionary War. As Claire -- and presumably Brianna as well -- knows, it's only a matter of time before the people of the Colonies will have to choose between rebellion against the crown and sticking with the Brits.

The socio-political upheaval isn't going anywhere, and members of the elite ruling class are faced with the undercurrent of unrest that was triggered by the Regulators. I think it's probably safe to assume that Jamie doesn't crush the Regulator cause with his militia, despite Governor Tryon's request of him.

Jamie and Claire will have to ask themselves how far they'll go in order to protect their home. They hope that there's no reason to light the "fiery cross" that serves as an ancient Scottish call to arms. I don't want to spoil anybody, but considering the fifth book in the Outlander saga is called The Fiery Cross, I'm going to wager that the call to arms will go out.

Sadly, Starz has not yet revealed when Outlander will return for its fifth season, and production only just started in Scotland. That doesn't mean work didn't begin on Season 5 earlier, though, as fans got a sneak peek at one of the sets back in March. Fans can also rest easy knowing that Outlander is guaranteed at least one more season beyond the fifth, as it scored a mega-renewal for Seasons 5 and 6 back in May 2018, which was months before Season 4 even premiered.

Laura Hurley
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