Chicago Med's Colin Donnell Addresses Exit: 'Sorry To Say That This Is True'

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Colin Donnell has addressed his impending exit from Chicago Med. The actor took to social media to confirm the report that he is leaving the show before Season 5. That news came out yesterday, surprising and saddening many fans. Speaking out on Twitter, Donnell shared this message:

Sorry to say that this is true. I love my #ChicagoMed #OneChicago family dearly. And a special thank you to all the fans that have made these last four seasons so amazing. It’s been an honor to be a part of such a great trio of shows and in the Wolf Entertainment family. I know that there’s great things coming for Season 5 and I can’t wait to see what they are along with all you fans.

The “this” Colin Donnell is referring to is the report that he is leaving Chicago Med. Donnell is one of two cast members departing Chicago Med at the end of Season 4. Norma Kuhling will also exit. Donnell is one of three cast members leaving the Chicago franchise altogether. The reason for the departures is reportedly creative in nature.

According to the report, the Chicago Med actors are leaving due to creative reasons resulting from the evolution of the various characters’ storylines. What that will mean exit-wise for Colin Donnell’s character, Connor Rhodes, remains to be seen. Season 4 has yet to conclude.

Colin Donnell is an original cast member, having been on since Season 1. The actor is also a fan favorite from his time on Arrow. He plays the central role of Dr. Connor Rhodes on Chicago Med. Connor began as a Trauma Surgery fellow. He currently works as a Cardiothoracic and Trauma Surgery attending.

On Instagram, Colin Donnell shared another post regarding his upcoming exit from Chicago Med. Check it out below:

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Such a sweet message! The news’ silver lining is that the Chicago universe will keep the opportunity for guest returns open. So, there should not be a tragic ending in store for Connor or Ava. NBC’s synopsis for the next Chicago Med says that Dr. Rhodes will come to realize that the time he has with his father is “getting short.”

A gunman will also be loose in the hospital in next week’s episode. Could that in any way impact or contextualize Connor’s exit storyline on Chicago Med? He could theoretically get shot in the arm and have to go somewhere to receive a specialized therapy. One that could repair the damage. He is a surgeon, so an arm injury would impact his ability to work.

Connor may also leave to spend time with his father. A busy medical career would not allow him to cherish the time he has left with him. Perhaps he goes off-screen to spend time with him and do a little soul searching.

Things with Ava certainly took a turn in Season 4. Some time away to clear his head and spend time with his father could be just the ticket.

In both of his social media messages, Colin Donnell assured Chicago Med fans about the show’s future. The actor heralded that “exciting things are in store” moving forward. The entire Chicago lineup already got renewed by NBC earlier this year. There will be lots of episodes to watch those stories unfold.

Follow Colin Donnell’s exit story as Chicago Med continues airing new episodes Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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