Chicago P.D. And Chicago Med Are Losing Series Regulars In Major Cast Shake-Up

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The Chicago franchise has been a huge hit for NBC, especially after the scheduling change that allowed Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. to all air new episodes on the same night of primetime. All three shows scored renewals for the 2019-2020 TV season, which was good news for fans who wanted more of the same Chicago-based action on the small screen next season.

Now, Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med have lost series regulars, guaranteeing that the next seasons will definitely not be more of the same. Chicago P.D.'s Jon Seda is bowing out, and Chicago Med is losing Colin Donnell and Norma Kuhling. Just one season after Chicago Fire lost Monica Raymund, P.D. and Med will have to say goodbye to pivotal characters.

Jon Seda has actually been around the Chicago franchise from almost the very beginning thanks to his first appearance as cop Antonio Dawson back in Season 1 of Chicago Fire in 2012. As the brother of Monica Raymund's Gabby Dawson, Antonio was Firehouse 51's general source for law enforcement help, especially when the then-villainous Voight set his sights on Casey.

All things considered, Jon Seda was one of the most prolific actors in the Chicago franchise, as he started on Fire, moved on to co-lead P.D., jumped to Chicago Justice, then returned to P.D. after Justice got the axe. Deadline reports that Seda is leaving because Antonio is "played out" on P.D., but is well-liked by the producers and could wind up on another Dick Wolf show someday.

Guest appearances in the Chicago shows are always possible as well, unless Antonio is killed off or moves to Puerto Rico to hang with his sister. Hopefully the early confirmation of Jon Seda's departure means that Chicago P.D. won't have to scramble to find a way to send Antonio off. Chicago Fire made that mistake with Monica Raymund's decision to leave, and she had to be begged to return for the Season 7 premiere to deliver some closure to Dawson and Casey's story.

Now, onto Chicago Med!

Colin Donnell was a series regular on Chicago Med from the very beginning, playing the bold and dashing Dr. Connor Rhodes. Beginning as a Trauma Surgery fellow, he is currently a Cardiothoracic and Trauma Surgery attending. Norma Kuhling didn't join Chicago Med as Dr. Ava Bekker until Season 2, when she was signed as a recurring star. She was bumped up to regular status for Season 3. They are reportedly leaving Med because of creative reasons connected to the evolution of their characters' stories.

Connor and Ava have actually shared a lot of stories, as they shared their department and often their patients, although not always willingly. Their relationship in Season 4 has been more than a little complicated as Connor learned she slept with his dad to secure funding, and then came to suspect that she put herself at serious risk to try and manipulate him. Honestly, I'm not sure where I could have seen Ava's arc going moving forward, so hopefully Med crafts a graceful exit for her.

As for Connor... well, his exit could be more complicated considering how long he's been a main player. Hey, maybe this means Colin Donnell will be free to play Tommy Merlyn at least one more time before Arrow ends for good. That "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover could totally find a way to bring Tommy -- or at least a Tommy -- back!

For now, you can catch new episodes in the Chicago franchise on Wednesdays, starting at 8 p.m. ET with Med, continuing with Fire at 9 p.m., and then finishing with P.D. at 10 p.m.

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