American Idol: Glee's Lea Michele Slays The Little Mermaid's "Part Of Your World"

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As it's gone in the past, Disney Week gave American Idol one of its most entertaining episodes to date, and not just because of the fantastically talented contestants. Former Glee star Lea Michele was on hand to promote her upcoming role in the Hollywood Bow's Little Mermaid celebration, and performed one of the film's classic tracks to drum up support for the live show. As if there was any doubt, Michele slayed her performance of "Part of Your World," along with the help of Idol's hopeful contestants as backup singers.

Even without a tail replacing her human feet, Lea Michele sounded like something right out of the animated hit with her rendition of "Part Of Your World." Even if it was to be expected, it's still chilling to see Michele sing that Little Mermaid tune while making it look like it required little-to-no effort at all. American Idol's Season 17 team is pretty damn good, but after seeing Michele on stage with them, it's clear that many of the contestants have a lengthy road to travel to reach that level.

Let's also give a round of applause for that outfit choice, with a color scheme that almost made Lea Michele appear Ursula-like. Of course, that possibly subtle nod stood no chance against Katy Perry's over-the-top wardrobe choices, as she straight-up wore an Ursula outfit for the entire evening, complete with the wild hair and matching skin.

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As mentioned, Lea Michele wasn't there just to show the American Idol contestants what's up, but rather to give a preview of her upcoming portrayal of Ariel for the 30th anniversary celebration of The Little Mermaid, being held at L.A's classic venue, the Hollywood Bowl. Michele is one of many who will bring the movie's musical majesty to life, singing the songs while accompanied by a live orchestra. The event is scheduled for May 17 and 18, and if it's half as good as that rendition, will be incredible.

Lea Michele may have had one of the best performances of the night, but that's not at all a knock to the rest of the American Idol cast. The Top 10 stepped up to the challenge and belted out each of their favorite Disney songs at a near-professional level. In all honesty, everyone was a winner tonight, but of course the spirit of the competition dictated that two contestants had to leave.

American Idol viewers voted, and it was revealed that both Uche and Dimitrius Graham were to be eliminated. The judges did have an opportunity to save both men, but instead decided to hold their vote for the final three weeks of competition. It was a rough decision, but somewhat expected, considering both contestants were saved by judges in the prior week. They're both gone now, though, and the Idol competitor count is officially down to 8.

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