Whiskey Cavalier's Lauren Cohan Wants To Return To Supernatural For Final Season

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Supernatural Season 14 is almost over, and Season 15 will mark the end. Lauren Cohan is currently busy on ABC's Whiskey Cavalier, and there's still hope that she might return to AMC's The Walking Dead. But she sounded very enthusiastic about the idea of returning to The CW's Supernatural for the final season.

Sure, her character Bela Talbot appeared to be dead at the end of Season 3. But death is not the kind of thing that ever stops a show like Supernatural. So when Lauren Cohan was asked if she'd like to find a way to make one last appearance in Season 15, here's what she had to say:

When we hang up the phone, I really should call somebody and see if that’s possible. That would be freaking amazing! I was so jealous Jeffrey Dean Morgan said he was off doing the 300th episode. I love those guys, and I loved my time on that show. That was my first TV experience, and my first job in the United States. It was just so much fun. It was also my first time putting a foot into the immensely strong fan base for Supernatural. It was the nicest group to become a part of. It was a first for me, for so many things. So, with absolute gusto, I would love to go back.

So that's a big yes! She has fond memories of Supernatural, and working with Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester). She was even jealous of her Walking Dead co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan for getting to return for the big 300th episode milestone.

I'm a bit surprised she mentioned the strong fan base for the show in a positive way, in her talk with Collider; she seemed to pair the fans with her comment "it was the nicest group to become a part of." Her Supernatural stint as self-centered Bela only lasted for Season 3, and show creator Eric Kripke had suggested she was written out in part due to negative reactions from fans.

Fans weren't quick to embrace Season 3 newcomers Lauren Cohan as Bela or Katie Cassidy as Ruby, wanting the attention to stay on the well-liked male leads. There was a lot of hate sent Bela's way, but it sounds like Lauren Cohan still has warm memories of her experience and would love to return.

Will it happen? I suppose it depends on the plans for Supernatural Season 15, and Lauren Cohan's schedule. It's not clear yet if Whiskey Cavalier (which based Season 1 production in Europe) will return for Season 2 on ABC. Cohan has also said her Walking Dead character Maggie's story isn't done, and she does hope to revisit the role at some point, possibly in Season 10.

At this point, Supernatural Season 14 is up to its big finale, and a fan favorite character is meant to return. The season finale, "Moriah," airs Thursday, April 25 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW. And then we'll see if maybe Bela will be one of the characters to return for the final Season 15. Lauren Cohan's Whiskey Cavalier airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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