A Major Fan Favorite Will Return For The Supernatural Season 14 Finale

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Supernatural Season 14 has been an eventful one for fans of the series. Among the highlights has been the show celebrating its 300th episode with the return of John Winchester. Well, Supernatural is set to welcome yet another fan favorite for the season finale. Here is what Supernatural’s executive producer Andrew Dabb had to say:

A very significant fan favorite is going to come back.

Who could that be? Unfortunately, that is all Andrew Dabb told TVLine, so it will have to be enough for now. Since John Winchester already returned this season that pretty much rules him out. How can Supernatural fans narrow it down?

With fourteen seasons and 300-plus episodes under its belt, there are no shortage of characters that Andrew Dabb’s hint could apply to. As fans get closer to the Season 14 finale, they should learn more about what it will entail. Hence, they will probably be able to narrow the list of potential returnees.

There is something that may help, though. Back in February, Andrew Dabb told IGN that the show would be “visited by an old favorite.” That seems to hint this is a character from a while ago and not a more recent favorite.

The end of Season 14 is still quite a bit into the future. It does not air until later next month. In a season that has seen no shortage of surprises, fans may want to relish the mystery while it lasts. Having crossed the 300-episode mark, it kind of feels as if Supernatural has already had a season finale.

Let’s face it. The season finale tends to be the largest milestone episode for a show during its season. In Supernatural’s case, it will be the second. The long-running series already brought back the aforementioned and Zachariah. Who else could be among the invited in Season 14? If fans can decide what important character from the series’ run that they would want back, they may have found their answer.

The next episode of Supernatural is entitled “Peace of Mind.” It will follow Sam and Castiel as they take on a case together. Their journey will take them to a little town that appears to be stuck in the past. Rest assured that Dean appears to be busy in the episode too.

There are five episodes left of Season 14. As the story getting to the finale develops, realizing who could be returning should get easier. Supernatural has already gotten renewed for Season 15, so there is more to look forward to. Fans of the show will know who returns by the end of this season.

Try to figure out who will return when new episodes of Supernatural air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The horror series is among many shows airing new during the midseason.

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