The Flash Is Setting Up An Epic Clash For The Season 5 Finale

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The Flash Season 5 has been full of surprises and time-travel goodness, and it appears both will come to a head in the upcoming season finale. An epic clash will go down between Barry Allen and a fierce adversary, although it apparently won't be Cicada that Central City's beloved speedster will face off against. Instead, the synopsis has teased Barry will go head to head with his rival Reverse-Flash in a showdown that will surely be a moment to remember.

Unfortunately, that's all The CW has released in regards to the synopsis, which is rather light on some key details of this showdown set for Tuesday, May 14. For example, are Flash and Reverse-Flash fighting head-to-head, and if so, how did he escape that containment cell? Is this fight happening in the present, or is Barry traveling to the future to handle his long-time enemy once and for all? How does Nora factor into any of this?

Barry may be facing off against Reverse-Flash, but the battle isn't one that necessarily involves them coming to physical blows. Perhaps the war they'll wage is for Nora, who seems split between the two of them at the moment. Barry could be forced to take on his daughter, who is still receiving instruction from Thawne and using his knowledge to take on her old man in a one-on-one fight.

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The Flash's season finale episode title, "Legacy," doesn't do much to clarify things. Does the title refer to Barry's legacy, or Thawne's legacy? It also may be a reference to Nora, who has to play some role in this big fight. It's odd there's no mention of her, although that might just be for the sake of keeping things vague. Conversely, what if something happens to Nora, which brings Barry to the future to exact vengeance on Thawne?

It's a possibility, as showrunner Todd Helbing has teased that "at least two" characters on The Flash will be saying goodbye before the season ends. Some candidates are more likely than others, although with Nora as someone who belongs in the future, it makes sense she'd go back to her own time following this season. Provided she even gets that opportunity, as her recent path alongside criminals could lead to a violent end.

The Flash Characters Most Likely To Leave In The Season 5 Finale

The Flash's Season 5 finale is written by Lauren Certo with the teleplay coming from showrunner Todd Helbing and Eric Wallace. Gregory Smith, who previously directed "Into The Speedforce" and "Enter Flashtime" will helm the season finale. Could his involvement mean there's going to be an emphasis on speedster battles and some high level speedster techniques?

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