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Things are going to get very interesting in Vikings Season 6. One of the stars of Season 5, Alicia Agneson, is returning to the show with a twist. Agneson played Ivar’s enigmatic wife, Freydis, last season, but like many who surround Ivar, she did not make it out alive. He strangled her to death in the Season 5 finale after learning she helped Bjorn win against him.

Hence, Alicia Agneson's return to Vikings will be as a whole new character. She was briefly glimpsed in the teaser trailer for Season 6, and thanks to Agneson's social media, fans are getting a much better look at her Season 6 persona. The actress posted a picture of herself in-character on Instagram, so check out her telling new look below.

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As you can tell, Alicia Agneson is no longer sporting Freydis’ blonde hair, and now dons a brunette look for the final season. Her character’s costume hints that she will be in the chilly climate of Rus (Russia), a confirmed setting for Season 6.

Plus, Alicia Agneson's costuming fits the wardrobe worn by women in that period and location. So if this new character is indeed in Rus, that puts her on a collision course with one of Ragnar’s sons: Ivar.

Again, if this new addition looks slightly familiar, it is probably that Season 6 sneak peek at work. Alicia Agneson could briefly be seen in the trailer for Vikings’ final season, and by briefly, I mean for a literal split second. She could be solely spotted at the 12-second mark, glancing back over her shoulder at someone. That someone probably being Ivar (notice the sideburns). Check it out below:

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It has probably not escaped Freydis’ killer that this new woman in Rus bears a striking resemblance to his wife. But will he be looking to have a future with this woman that he did not have with Freydis, or will he be a purely haunted man? Alicia Agneson’s caption asks a lot of sound questions, with perhaps the strongest among them wondering what this woman may want.

It seems doubtful that this new female is related to Freydis. Even if they are somehow related, it seems unlikely that she would have heard of Freydis’ murder at the hands of Ivar. Accordingly, there should be no specific motive for revenge, though Vikings fans will have to watch to know for sure.

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Freydis may very well end up haunting Ivar from beyond the grave. The new character’s physical resemblance to his wife should not be lost on Ivar. Vikings has clearly brought back the same actress to play this new character for a reason. If her resemblance to Freydis did not matter for the story, they could have easily cast a different actress. (This all bears a weird resemblance to Gotham's Kristin Kringle/Isabella plotline for Ed.)

Ivar is going to travel to Rus in Season 6, where he will meet the Rus Prince, Oleg the Prophet, a.k.a. Oleg Novgorod. So is non-Freydis somehow connected to the prince? Will Vikings set up a forbidden flirtation to form between herself and Ivar?

Ivar has a tendency to fixate on what he wants, and he will probably want this Freydis look-a-like. Will she reciprocate those feelings? Fans will have to wait and see, though they technically won't have that many episodes to spend with her.  Season 6 will be the final season of Vikings and will span two 10-episode halves. That should more than enough time to get the answers about this new mystery woman.

A premiere date for Vikings Season 6 has not gotten set by History yet, so stay tuned for that date.

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