Vikings' Travis Fimmel And Alexander Ludwig Reunited In A Crazy Way

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Former Vikings co-stars Travis Fimmel and Alexander Ludwig recently shared a very interesting reunion. They went flying together, joining Bradley Friesen for a wowzers helicopter trip that involved a lot of enviable sightseeing. What's more, recent Vikings addition Kristy Dinsmore also joined the fun.

In the trip's video, provided by Bradley Friesen, Travis Fimmel is donning a Ragnar-style beard that will draw up some memories with fans. Fimmel and Alexander Ludwig looked extremely excited to go on this mini-adventure together, too. They both took a picture with the pilot’s dog, dressed in Vikings attire. Cute!

The video features some fantastic shots of beautiful scenery that aren't so unfamiliar to Vikings, where snow and ice and the bitter cold have sometimes made life hectic for the characters. Seeing Alexander Ludwig in the wintery environment brings back memories of Bjorn’s fight with that bear. You know the one. See if you agree by watching the video below:

One of the great parts of the video occurs at the 7:19 mark. There, Travis Fimmel is laying on his back with his hands on the ice/glass, and when the camera turns vertical, it looks like he is scaling a wall of ice. Nice! If Alexander Ludwig was the one behind the camera capturing that, maybe he could do some similarly clever work on Vikings in Season 6?

As for actual Vikings intel, there is some interesting trivia in the video. Travis Fimmel, originally from Australia, gets called out for Ragnar’s accent being such a significant departure from his real accent. Fimmel offered some insight into the process of developing how Ragnar sounded, sharing that the particular brogue he used to play Ragnar was purposefully meant to sound unlike any other accent. Many fans will undoubtedly agree he accomplished that feat.

Alexander Ludwig was effusive in his excitement and appreciation of getting to go on the trip, and not just in the video above. The actor also took to Instagram to share his gratitude along with gorgeous highlight reel. Check it out below!

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Apparently, the sightseeing expedition was all part of a pre-existing meet-up between the two former co-stars. Travis Fimmel indicated he'd been hanging out with Alexander Ludwig for a few days, and the former kindly praised Ludwig's family. 

It is neat that they still stay in contact. Given how presumably intense a show Vikings is to film, that environment seems like it would be primed to forge deep connections between co-stars. Even when one of those co-stars gets killed off to the dismay of everyone.

Speaking of, Travis Fimmel left Vikings when Ragnar was killed off in Season 4. So it has been a while since viewers last saw Alexander Ludwig and Fimmel share the screen outside of reruns. This video is an exciting way to have them in front of the camera together again.

In the Season 5 finale, Bjorn recalled a significant moment that he'd shared with his dad. Hopefully, Ragnar will put in another appearance before the show ends with its sixth and final season. Travis Fimmel and Alexander Ludwig created a super-believable connection as family members on Vikings, and it deserves a few more moments before the series has concluded.

Alternately, fans would probably love to see the two actors put their high-chemistry relationship to good use on another project outside of Vikings. It would be great to see them share the screen for a different kind of story at some point in the future.

As for Vikings, a premiere date for the series’ sixth and final season has not gotten set yet. Whenever it happens, it will do so on History. Having bid a temporary goodbye to Vikings, fans can get pumped by lots of other new shows while waiting for the series' return.

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