Samurai Jack Creator Has Another Badass Show Coming To Adult Swim

Samurai Jack Adult Swim

Two years after he officially ended the critically acclaimed Samurai Jack, Creator Genndy Tartakovsky has announced another badass project headed to Adult Swim. Tartakovsky is going "back to the past" with a new show that takes humankind about as far back as it can possibly go. We're talking the stone age here, as Primal will pair a caveman hero with an unlikely ally.

The dinosaurs are on the edge of extinction, and the history of man has only just begun. This is the starting point for Primal, in which a caveman befriends a dinosaur after tragedy brings them together. Together, they will survive a violent and ever-evolving primordial world that's sure to be rife with danger and man-eating creatures.

Basically, it's a good thing this currently nameless caveman has in his corner a dinosaur that is a force to be reckoned with. Adult Swim has blessed us with a first look at the two heroes of Primal, well ahead of the half-hour animated series' premiere in the fall.

Primal Adult Swim

The animation in this picture makes it look as though Primal is a departure from Genndy Tartakovsky traditional animation styles seen in Samurai Jack and Dexter's Laboratory. There's a definitive sharpness and detail to the picture, and that dinosaur has a similar look to the art seen in the horrific animated adaptation of the late '70s, Watership Down.

Watership Down (which got a remake on Netflix not that long ago) may be an apt enough comparison in regards to Primal, as the "violent" descriptor could tease this adventure is geared more towards adults than younger audiences. That was certainly the case with the final season of Samurai Jack, which aired on Adult Swim, where restrictions are a lot lighter (although there are rules) and allow for certain shows that typically wouldn't air during Cartoon Network's standard programming hours.

Primal's two heroes look to be a fearsome duo, so one can only imagine what other creatures and men out there would want to start a fight with either one of them. Even if everyone is as jacked as that caveman, it's hard to imagine they wouldn't think twice after looking at that presumably carnivorous beast.

Still, it looks like at least a couple of brave(?) animals are trying to start a fight in this short but incredibly satisfying Primal trailer. Check it out!

Well, Primal is certainly living up to the descriptor of being "violent" with that trailer. There are a lot of dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals on display, but the caveman hero is the only human seen. This series could primarily consist of him fighting other beasts to survive.

That, or this trailer just chose to focus on Primal's brutal encounters with other animals. Either way, it looks like this has potential to be a great series for long-time fans of Genndy Tartakovsky's work.

Primal is set to arrive on Adult Swim fall 2019. Stick with CinemaBlend for more details on other shows coming in the fall season, and other news in the world of television, movies, and pop culture.

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