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Just hours before the Game of Thrones series finale, one of its biggest stars has said goodbye to her character. Emilia Clarke took some time on social media to acknowledge how the show and Daenerys Targaryen have affected her life. She memorialized both in a long Instagram post packed with a handful of behind-the-scenes photos.

Man, if only we all had our own "platinum wig of dreams." Emilia Clarke just makes it sound so magical! Her emotion on leaving the role behind is understandable, especially when she and others gave nearly a decade of their lives to Game of Thrones. Losing Daenerys Targaryen after that stretch of time may be not that big of a deal to fans, but for Clarke it sounds as though she's losing a part of herself.

Emilia Clarke's latest farewell to Game of Thrones is far longer than her first farewell, in which she said goodbye to Northern Island shortly after filming wrapped. That only makes sense considering she's had a year to sit and think about what all the experience has meant to her, possibly in hopes of keeping her distracted from the fact she's one of the few that knows the ending of the HBO series.

As an aside, those wondering if this post is a spoiler for what's to come in the finale, it's not. Regardless of whether Daenerys Targaryen lives or dies, fans have been told not to expect a direct sequel series to Game of Thrones. Of course, one would imagine that given the Mother of Dragons' latest move, the finale could very well see the Emilia Clarke's character joining the ranks of many who died during Game of Thrones.

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Emilia Clarke packaged her thoughtful caption with a handful of behind-the-scenes pictures. We see pictures with the cast on what looks to be the final season of shooting, a heap of the cast at a party of some sort, the iconic wig Clarke wears when playing Dany, and a selfie for good measure.

It's the kind of wholesome content that's a nice change of pace given the criticisms and fanbase in-fighting that's been happening during Game of Thrones Season 8. Posts like these serve as a reminder that it is only just a show, and whether fans do or don't like how it ends, most everyone's life will not be affected in a major way afterward.

With that being said, everyone is entitled to rant and rave to their hearts content and CinemaBlend will have plenty of content for fans to digest and do just that. Stick with us following the Game of Thrones finale Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET for analysis, and then hop around to other parts of the site for the latest and greatest news in television, movies, and pop culture.