Game Of Thrones' Emilia Clarke Responds To Fundraiser Started In Backlash To Petitions

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Game of Thrones fans will recall that before the HBO drama ended, a petition came out that was calling for Season 8 to get a massive overhaul. That petition originated on Reddit and was published before the highly controversial penultimate episode, though it definitely went viral after the episode aired, garnering over a million signatures.

While the petition works as an outlet for frustrated fans, it probably isn't going to lead to anything tangible happening in the form of Game of Thrones’ entire final season getting remade. However, the animosity-driven petition already leading to change from the same subreddit, where one member, Elle Ellaria, started the Just Giving fundraising page in the wake of a backlash to the first backlash.

The new fundraiser's goal is to raise money for the charity of choice for Game of Thrones’ real-life queen, Emilia Clarke. Known as SameYou, it's charity that Clarke got up and running ahead of Season 8's premiere. Well, word of the fan effort has reached Emilia Clarke, who shared her touching reaction on Instagram. Watch her in the video below:

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How sweet is she? In her video message, Emilia Clarke says she is “incredibly moved” by the efforts to raise money for SameYou, adding that she was “blown away and grateful” by what's been done so far. Clarke said what fans are doing is extraordinary, and said that they have given her an awesome "wrap gift.” It's definitely more beneficial than a prop from the set.

Along with the video, Emilia Clarke has also changed the linkout in her Instagram bio, and the new one takes people to the fundraiser's page. So far, the campaign has raised over £56,000 ($70,000+).

Their goal is to raise £100,000 ($126,000) for the charity, so they are over halfway there. Given that Emilia Clarke has also put a spotlight on their efforts, it should skyrocket. As of this story, over 3,200 supporters have raised the funds.

SameYou’s goal is to aid in increasing access to rehabilitation to those in need after they have suffered a brain injury and stroke. It is a cause incredibly close to the actress, as it holds an intensely personal connection.

In a moving piece she wrote for The New Yorker, the actress shared that she had survived two brain hemorrhages. The first of which she was diagnosed with after Game of Thrones’ first season. She went on to have a second aneurysm treated in 2013, the year that Game of Thrones was filming its fourth season.

Since launching the charity in March, Emilia Clarke has been doing campaigns to raise money for it. One of which led to her walking the streets of New York City dressed as Jon Snow, as one does.

In the description for the fundraiser, it does attempt to clarify that it is not endeavoring to be a “counter-petition” or an “apology” for the original anti-Season 8 petition. For those who are perfectly fine reliving the final season in its original form, you can now do so via digital download.

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