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The final episode of Game of Thrones, ever, was almost two weeks ago now, and while lots of people died in various horrible ways, quite a few also survived through some deadly battles and general awfulness. And, I'm betting that you, like me, thought the bloodshed was over...HA! It turns out that one character who was almost literally seen sailing off into the sunset, good ol' Grey Worm up there, might have actually been sent to his own really terrible death. Let's explain.

So, for a little recap, after fighting valiantly in the two big battles of the last season, watching the love of his life (#JusticeForMissandei) get beheaded, standing by Daenerys Stormborn, Burner of Innocents and trying really hard to get everyone to approve Jon Snow's death after he killed that very wanna-be queen dead, we saw Grey Worm accept Jon's re-appointment to the Night's Watch and sail off to the island of Naath along with the remaining Unsullied, whom he commands.

Now, Grey Worm may have chosen Naath because it's Missandei's homeland, but it turns out that it was a super bad idea to go there. Why? Well, if you've read the books that Game of Thrones was based on, or the sourcebook The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones, you'll know that Naath is a very dangerous place for those who aren't born there. As the Game Of Thrones wiki points out, Naath is home to a species of butterfly that, wait for it...actually makes your skin fall off of your bones until you die. Damn.

The catch is that the Naathi themselves are immune to it. Obviously, those born there way back when who weren't immune died once infected and weren't able to pass on their genes, so now the whole population of the island can live there without fear of turning into a howling, skinless death monster. But, anyone who isn't of Naathi blood is very, very susceptible and will likely die if they spend too long on the island. And by "too long," I mean more than a few hours.

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The, so-called, butterfly fever is one of the main reasons you don't hear much from Naath, and, apparently, even though lots of Naathi have been taken as slaves, the island has never been conquered by outsiders, because, well, they all die within a year of getting there.

So, while it's sweet that Grey Worm wants to see the beautiful homeland of his dearly departed lady love, he should probably pump his breaks (or do whatever they do to stop ships) and leave that place the hell alone. Or, Grey Worm and the toughest of the Unsullied will die.

I see two potential problems with this idea. First of all, none of this poison butterfly bullshit was ever mentioned in the show, therefore it is not Game of Thrones canon and cannot be said to be a factor in Grey Worm's future. Secondly, while Missandei was taken from her homeland at a very young age, if these evil insects are a part of the reality of the show, wouldn't she have known about it and mentioned to GW at some point that her home is known as the Isle of Butterflies and oh, yeah, don't ever go there 'cause one of them will kill you dead right quick?

I, for one, have had enough of the death and destruction and refuse to believe Game of Thrones sent Grey Worm to his death during his final moments on the show. So...take that, theorizers who can't leave well enough alone!

Game of Thrones is done, but there is at least one prequel series in the works and a lot more coming up in TV and movies, so be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for all the latest!

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