A Game Of Thrones Spinoff With Ghost And Tormund Is 'A Great Idea,' Actor Says

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As Game of Thrones wraps up its run on television, and HBO contemplates future spinoffs, fans are suggesting a spinoff that more than likely is not one of the handful that are currently in development. The idea was rooted in Jon Snow's conversation with Tormund Giantsbane after the Battle of Winterfell, in which he asked the warrior to take his direwolf Ghost back up with him north of The Wall.

While some may only see that scene as a missed opportunity to give a good boy a head scratch, others have suggested it's the grounds for a spinoff. It turns out Kristofer Hivju has heard the idea, and he's a fan of making it happen.

[Laughs] Yeah I've heard that, that's a great idea.

Now, whether it's actually a feasible idea for a spinoff, he wouldn't say. One would assume that HBO has some more entertaining spinoff premises than a show about a direwolf and a man that enjoys the taste of Giant's breast milk. That said, a majority of shows and films can sound ridiculous when boiled down to their most basic concepts, and there's some real potential in following Ghost and Tormund beyond The Wall yet.

Provided, of course, that's how Game of Thrones will end things for the two characters. Kristofer Hivju teased to Gothamist that Winterfell may not be the last fans have seen of Tormund or Ghost, which means both could resurface in the series finale. Does this mean that Jon will finally get to pet his long-time (but not always seen) companion, or would that hit to the CGI budget prove too costly for the series finale?

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There's an unfortunate part to Kristofer Hivju's tease, as Ghost and Tormund seemed to be free from Westeros, and therefore, free from any carnage that may befall anyone else who could get "burned" in the finale. Could Tormund and Ghost arrive after hearing about what Dany did, and end up burned alive for trying to help a friend? Ugh, that would be the worst, but at least it would be cool to see Tormund and Ghost loyal to Jon til the end.

Of course, there's no guarantee that's how things would go down for Tormund and Ghost if they're seen again in Game of Thrones. Perhaps they're a part of some flash-forward, or a scene in which characters are forced to head north. And again, there's really no certainty that's going to happen, as Kristofer Hivju could just be having a little bit of fun with everyone to avoid spoilers.

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Game of Thrones' series finale airs on HBO Sunday, May 19 (tonight) at 9:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend immediately and long after the finale for analysis and details on the finale, and what HBO's plans are for any spinoffs that may follow. We know they have plenty of potential prequels in the works, but if fans push for some spinoff sequels following some of these familiar characters, HBO just might be persuaded.

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