Silicon Valley Is Ending On HBO After Season 6

Shortly after the end of HBO's biggest hit, another one of its popular shows is wrapping up its multi-year run. Yes, Silicon Valley is officially concluding. The good news for fans is that the cancellation news didn't come after the last episode had already aired, turning a season finale into a series finale as has been known to happen with other shows. Silicon Valley still has one season to go before the final credits roll.

HBO has confirmed that the seven-episode sixth season of Silicon Valley will be its last, according to TVLine. That said, fans shouldn't count on getting to see any of the last new episodes any time soon. Season 6 is only in the pre-production stage, and won't hit the airwaves again until later this year. Silicon Valley has already been off the air for more than a year; fans will have to continue being patient.

For fans who have kept up on Silicon Valley news, the upcoming end of the series probably doesn't come as a huge surprise. Production on Season 6 was pushed back last year, and it wasn't slated to pick up again until the summer. Showrunner Alec Berg's packed schedule was given as the reason for the postponement, as he is showrunner for Barry on top of Silicon Valley. The delay enabled Berg to finish his work on a season of Barry before diving back in to Silicon Valley.

Still, until now, the subsequent rumors of a cancellation were only rumors. As far as they knew, fans could continue seeing how the show developed in the aftermath of T.J. Miller's departure. Now the question is whether he could return for at least a one-off appearance in the final season. His character was key to the series before he left after the end of Season 4, and he wasn't killed off or anything.

That said, T.J. Miller may have burned some bridges with his comments after making his decision to leave Silicon Valley public, and the circumstances following weren't the best. The seven episodes of the final season may not involve Miller at all. Honestly, would that be such a bad thing? Seven episodes don't equal a ton of screen time. There are plenty of current characters whose arcs will need to be wrapped up, and hopefully with more satisfaction to its whole fanbase than what HBO gave to the whole fanbase of Game of Thrones.

Showrunners Alec Berg and Mike Judge explained that "Season 6 seems to be a fitting conclusion," and at a certain point, "there's only so much we can do to make the world a better place." HBO programming EVP Amy Gravitt has some promising words for viewers that indicate more comedy from the Silicon Valley team is on the way, if not necessarily more Silicon Valley. She revealed that "Silicon Valley is just the beginning of many more collaborations with these hilarious writers and performers" as well as the "standout crew."

SIlicon Valley will reportedly return for its sixth and final season at some point later in 2019. There are plenty of solid TV options already on the schedule for the summer, so you can enjoy the small screen even before Silicon Valley comes back.

Laura Hurley
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