Netflix's Cursed: First Look At 13 Reasons Why's Katherine Langford In Frank Miller's Arthurian Drama

Katherine Langford made her Netflix debut as the haunting leading lady of 13 Reasons Why, and she's returning to the streaming giant for a role that looks almost entirely different from Hannah Baker. Langford stars as Nimue in Frank Miller's Cursed, which is a reimagining of an Arthurian legend. Check out the first look at Langford as Nimue for Cursed!

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Folks familiar with Arthurian legend will likely recognize the name "Nimue" as the woman destined -- or perhaps doomed -- to become the Lady of the Lake who gave Excalibur to King Arthur, among other deeds. So, it's fitting that the first look at Cursed is the leading lady clutching a sword while knee-deep in a body of water.

Of course, prospective viewers shouldn't expect Katherine Langford's character to be distributing swords as the Lady of the Lake to start. Cursed will reimagine Arthurian legend in a way that doesn't actually showcase Arthur as the star. The story will be told from the viewpoint of the teenage heroine Nimue, who possesses a mysterious gift and a powerful destiny.

Nimue's mother dies, and she joins forces with a young mercenary by the name of Arthur, who is on a journey to deliver an ancient sword and locate Merlin. The journey sees Nimue becoming a symbol of rebellion and courage in a land menaced by the Red Paladins, who are supported by King Uther.

All things considered, Cursed sounds a lot more like BBC's Merlin than any other take on Arthurian legend. That show centered on Merlin as a young man, with Arthur on board as his contemporary and the secondary lead. Cursed will apparently feature some version of Arthur, with Nimue at the center of the action. Any who are looking for a fresh take on the Arthurian genre have a lot to look forward to with Cursed.

Cursed received an initial episode order for ten episodes, and it will be brought to Netflix by creators and executive producers Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. The show is actually based on a book of the same name, written by Wheeler and illustrated by Miller, which should excite fans of Miller's work for Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Interestingly, the book hasn't actually been released yet, so Netflix is apparently gambling on the premise.

The Cursed novel will release on October 1, 2019. The Netflix show hasn't received an official premiere date just yet, but the image posted on Netflix's See What's Next Twitter account states that the series will release in 2020. As much as it sounds like quite a wait for the book in October and the show next year, this is definitely progress. Netflix first announced Cursed back in March 2018!

For now, you can find plenty of other viewing options on Netflix. Katherine Langford can be found in both seasons of 13 Reasons Why, and she already weighed in on whether Hannah will appear in Season 3. If you're in the mood for another unconventional Arthurian series, you can actually find Merlin streaming on Netflix now.

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