If 13 Reasons Why Returns For Season 3, One Major Star Won't Be Back

13 Reasons Why hasn't been renewed for Season 3 just yet, but if it does, one star won't be returning. With the conclusion of Season 2 comes the end of the line for Hannah Baker, as the maker of the tapes whose ghost haunted Clay in Season 2 will finally be laid to rest. Actress Katherine Langford informed fans via her Instagram they shouldn't expect to see her in the series going forward:

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Hannah Baker's absence in a potential Season 3 may have been assumed by some considering 13 Reasons Why wrapped up her character's arc, and this message appears to officially seal the deal. Katherine Langford informed fans in the photo's caption she is officially saying goodbye to her character and thanked fans as well as all responsible for making the series for allowing her to be a part of it. Langford's exit appears to come with some news that the rising star actress will be joining some new projects in the near future, although she gave no indication as to what's next for her career following the show. Leaks last year revealed that Langford was in the mix for the lead role of Barbara Gordon in Joss Whedon's feature Batgirl film, although with him departing the project it's unknown as to whether or not she's still in the running.

13 Reasons Why hasn't officially been renewed for Season 3 at this time, although the show's Season 2 cliffhanger appears to say the series likes its odds of a renewal. Clay and the gang have a fresh and equally controversial situation to tackle in Season 3 that's completely free of anything Hannah related, so the show should have no problem keeping her out of the series. Additionally, the series provided an out for her mother Olivia (played by Kate Walsh) at the end of Season 2, so it's looking like the series is working towards taking her situation out of the story completely in order to tell this new tale. That should be fine for fans, as having the spotlight taken off Hannah will almost certainly give other characters a lot more screentime should the show return for Season 3.

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