Sophie Turner Just Made A Compelling Case Against Kit Harington For Game Of Thrones' Coffee Cup

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The internet went wild a little over a month ago when fans were watching Game of Thrones...and noticed a very prominently placed Starbucks cup among all the fantasy action. One of the biggest questions was, obviously, how no one noticed it was there, sitting on a table right next to a very worried Dany during an important scene. The second question, though, was who the hell put it there in the first place?

Well, now actress Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark for the entire run of the action-packed drama, has let us in on who she thinks probably left their Starbucks in plain view, and his name rhymes with Schmit Schmerington:

I hear this every day of my life, this coffee cup thing, so it’s good to know that the coffee cup got more press than the final season altogether. The coffee cup was where Kit [Harington]'s chair was. First I blamed it on Emilia [Clarke], but I don’t think Emilia would do that. Kit is lazy and I think he would have done that. It was in front of Kit’s chair and then obviously he moved, so this picture was taken and it looked like it was in my seat, but I wasn’t there either. It was Kit. It was a hundred percent Kit.

Shots. Fired. So, according to Turner, not only is Kit Harington "lazy," but he's so lazy that he would be most likely, of those near the offending area of the scene in question, to put down a very modern item in full view of the cameras and, you know, never move it once they yelled "Action!"

Sophie Turner was asked about what ended up being one of the most talked about scenes of the final season of Game of Thrones during her appearance on Conan, mostly so she could defend herself against allegations from fans that it was really her fault that Starbucks had a guest role on the show. She happens to have come to the conclusion that it was Harington's fault pretty quickly. Why, you ask? Well, because of something that she and Emilia Clarke had to deal with on the show that Harington simply did not, which led to neither of the ladies drinking much while on set:

Because I wear a corset, so I either piss myself or I throw up.

Ah, of course! That age-old lady trouble of your undergarments either making you piss yourself or throw up. How could any of us be so silly as to think that either Sophie Turner or Emilia Clarke, forced into the medieval torture devices commonly known as corsets for GOT, could hold enough liquid in their bodies while wearing said device that they would actually drink during filming? I mean, I wore Spanx once for 10 seconds and know that no additions to my person via food or beverage would have been possible. So, yeah, it was totally Kit Harington's fault!

You can check out the full clip of Sophie Turner ratting on Kit Harington below:

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