NBC's The Blacklist Medic Reveals Stunt Scene That Kept Him Up At Night

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The Blacklist is largely known for Red's mysterious mythos and shocking villains-of-the-week via its procedural angle, among other elements. To put some of The Blacklist’s more harrowing moments on film can sometimes require stunt work. One person familiar with the risks involved in those scenes is the series’ medic.

In a profile of The Blacklist’s on-set medic, he revealed that one recent stunt scene on the series kept him up at night. Kevin McKenna told Lohud.com that the scene in question involved a stunt woman getting hit by a car, crashing onto the windshield, and then flipping over the hood.

The stunt woman was wearing protective gear, and the scene ended up getting filmed without any injuries or issues being incurred. However, Kevin McKenna acknowledged that getting a script for upcoming episodes sometimes makes him anxious, because some scenes could lead to someone getting injured. Throughout its run, obviously, The Blacklist has had its share of action-centric scenes.

It is tough to pinpoint which episode the scene the medic is referring to played out in. My guess is it occurred in the Season 6 episode entitled “The Ethicist.” That was the installment where Liz crossed the line in the pursuit of answers regarding Red’s true identity.

At the beginning of the episode, a man was shown taking a woman he hit with his car into the woods. Given that he put her bike in his trunk, it seemed like he had hit her from behind.

So, this was a scene that could have potentially led to the filming of the stunt scenario that The Blacklist’s medic was worried over. I cannot remember if we ever actually see the accident or not, but the hit-and-run addressed in “The Ethicist” was not the last time The Blacklist had such an occurrence as a plot point.

To my knowledge, another hit-and-run definitely took place off-screen. Later in Season 6, one proved critical in the plot with President Diaz. It turned out that he had actually committed it, thus leading to the vast conspiracy that the Task Force got swept up into trying to stop.

The Blacklist has had its share of stunt-related scenes. There was an explosive showdown between Anna McMahon and the Task Force’s members in the Season 6 finale. Those scenes will probably not be the show's last. Thankfully, Kevin McKenna is there as the cast and crew’s on-set medic. He has been with the show ever since Season 1, and has saved five lives during his time as a medic. Impressive!

What is going to happen next on The Blacklist? There are a lot of burning questions. Viewers will have to stay tuned to learn if there will be a new member of the Task Force following Samar’s exit. Other mysteries include, who the mysterious man that Red was talking to in the Season 6 finale is and how the endgame is going to “snap into focus” in Season 7.

The Blacklist is heading back this fall on NBC! After summer’s premieres, Season 7 will air on Fridays at 8 p.m. ET. You can currently catch up on previous seasons of the crime drama on Netflix along with lots of upcoming content on the streamer.

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