How The Blacklist's Endgame Will 'Snap Into Focus' In Season 7

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The Blacklist delivered a mother of a shocker at the end of its latest season. Katarina Rostova is back, and she and Red reunited in Paris. Unfortunately for Red, their reunion did not go as some viewers may have expected.

What viewers can also look forward to on The Blacklist is more mysteries getting closer to getting solved. As you may have suspected, what fans saw unfold in the season finale will funnel into the show’s endgame. The Blacklist’s creator, Jon Bokenkamp, teased Season 7 by telling EW:

Our show is often two things at once: a procedural and a serialized show. We’re juggling lots of different kinds of stories. The story with Red is in incredible jeopardy now and there is going to be a great story behind where he is, the jeopardy he’s in, and how he’s going to get out of it. Yet, at the same time, we have introduced Katarina, a character that we’ve talked about for years on the show and she is obviously incredibly formidable. And with her, I believe, will come more answers and an endgame will snap into focus even more. I think in the relationships between Reddington and Katarina and Elizabeth Keane, all of that, there is a really interesting story and mythology to unpack as we look ahead in season 7.

Who else is ready to unpack what Katarina’s entrance will mean for The Blacklist, Liz, and Red? Same. According to the creator, the answers she brings will apparently help the endgame of the series’ “snap into focus.” Of course, I am in no hurry to get there. The longer this ride lasts, the better.

The questions that surround Katarina and Red’s true identities are among The Blacklist’s most complex. Red has always spoken of her in glowing terms. However, Season 6 revealed a spy entrenched in a global conspiracy. The kind of person she is remains a mystery. Red has always indicated to Liz that she trended towards the positive. He may say differently now.

After years of hearing about her and seeing her in flashbacks, The Blacklist is about to do something it has never done: explore who Katarina is today. Hence, a lot of new story to tell. There is no shortage of questions surrounding Liz’s mom. Viewers got a few of them answered during Red’s trial in Season 6.

Still, it was shocking to see her turn on Red of all people. Is the endgame that Katarina is actually the villain? Anything is possible at this point. Who would have thought Red’s timeline would get viewers here? Jon Bokenkamp’s tease indicates that Season 7 will sift through three angles.

The first being: where Red has been taken? Katarina had her men load a drugged Red into a van. He was captured in Paris and taken off to parts unknown. How far away did she take him? Or did she not move him far at all?

Katarina did not go off with them. That indicates she may or may not be planning to join them anytime soon. She did pick up Red’s hat, so hopefully, wherever he is, she will give that back. You do not mess with Red’s hat.

The second thing The Blacklist’s creator mentions is figuring out the kind of peril Red is in. Is it life-threatening? Maybe. The question is whether Katarina intends to harm him or if she may do so accidentally. Remember, Red has received mystery injections and wanted to find The Pharmacist. He is not in the best shape to be kidnapped.

The last query regards how Red can get out of the hot water he is in. He is Red, and The Blacklist has shown him to be quite capable of getting himself out some pretty tight corners. Plus, Liz and Dembe should notice he is missing rather quickly. Who else is ready for the Task Force to unite with them to find Red?

The Blacklist is a veteran drama at this point. Six seasons in and it is still uncovering new plot twists and revealing more about its core mythos. That has to be a record. Find out how it all folds into its endgame when The Blacklist returns for Season 7 this fall on NBC.

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