Alison Brie Wants Netflix To Make The Community Movie

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It has been four years since Community ended its mostly acclaimed six-season run. Following five seasons on NBC, the series delivered its last batch of episodes on the short-lived Yahoo! Screen in 2015, and most notably did not get a movie to follow. Community’s cast has remained busy in the years since the finale, of course.

Among those stars in high-demand is Alison Brie, who has enjoyed tremendous success on the Netflix series GLOW. Her commitments there would not necessarily stand in Brie's way of reprising her role as Community’s Annie Edison. In fact, the actress is down to do a movie. She even has a familiar outlet in mind to make it – Netflix. She said this:

Yeah, I think I would. I mean, look, it's like, are we going to do the movie? I feel like if the Community movie ever gets made, it should just be made for Netflix, and it would be fun to do, but, I think it would be best if we could get everyone to do it, so I feel like that might be difficult.

The question of a Community movie has been a prevalent one on fans’ minds and in fan discussions for a while. Back in 2017, Community’s Danny Pudi, who played Abed Nadir, weighed in on if a movie could still happen, and at the time, the actor sounded hopeful about the possibility.

Not too long after that, there was another headline that seemingly moved the potential Community movie in a positive direction. Community’s creator Dan Harmon not only indicated that a film could happen. He also shared that it could even happen with a big-time action director. Frequent Fast & Furious franchise helmer Justin Lin.

As of 2019, no Greendale reunions have officially come together yet, but there is still reason to hope. Much like The Office's Melora Hardin's thoughts on a potential Office movie, Alison Brie’s Netflix-movie idea is incredibly hopeful and not the most unfeasible pitch if the rights got worked out.

Brie also told Pop Culture: that the cast would still be willing to do it. That is a critical component in getting something like this off of the ground, not to mention the Netflix angle. Alison Brie stars in one of their series, so that connection is there.

But it's hard to know who'd comprise "the cast" at this point. Would Donald Glover be able to make room in his busy schedule? Would they invite Chevy Chase back? What about Paget Brewster and other late-season additions? And Rick and Morty fans might go ballistic if Dan Harmon paused the production on Seasons 4 and possibly 5 to go make a Community movie.

Also, Community is not among the NBC series that Netflix currently has streaming in the United States. (It's on Hulu.) Hence, the streamer does not necessarily have a Community audience it has actively helped bolster, so there might not be much of a drive to make it happen.

Netflix has found major success in licensing the NBC series Parks and Recreation and The Office, though. Of course, the question is for how much longer? NBCUniversal will be launching its own streaming service in the future. Could a Community and an Office movie be part of that streaming service's future? You never know.

Alison Brie has a point about being able to get the Community cast back together. Everyone from the original ensemble is busy. Given all their schedules, it would be tough, but I'd hope it could happen. You have to imagine that a Community movie on Netflix would be quite an enticing possibility.

It sounds like something could still happen. The question is, will it? Stay tuned. In the meantime, Netflix is definitively putting out new content this year. There is also a lot to choose from with summer’s television premieres.

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