Masked Singer Season 2 Will Have 'Even More Major Celebrities,' Nick Cannon Says

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The Masked Singer is coming back for Season 2 on Fox this fall to see if it can capture audiences’ attention yet again with one of the more bizarre show ideas of all time. Host Nick Cannon recently spoke about the show’s return, and in addition to some other things teased that the new season will have “even more major celebrities than Season 1.”

But just how famous are we talking here? Of course, Nick Cannon can’t spill all those details, considering the show goes to extreme lengths to keep contestants' identities a secret. making random name-drop ahead of its premiere tantamount to treason. With that said, Cannon probably couldn’t even spill any secrets on who’s appearing if he wanted to, as he explained he likes to be just as clueless as the panelists and audience when the series is running.

I don't like to get involved with who the celebrities are because I want to be in on it with the audience and be surprised when the stars are revealed from under the masks.

As the host, Nick Cannon was rarely called upon to give his input on who contestants may be during The Masked Singer Season 1, but he did occasionally shut down the panelists' choices whenever he personally knew the celebrities they mentioned. His lack of knowledge about contestants’ actual identities probably makes hosting more interesting, and also keeps him out of the hot seat if and when the celeb competitors' names leak out on the internet.

Which, to be quite honest, wouldn’t be the most devastating thing to happen, since The Masked Singer's clue game needed a major upheaval last season. A lot of viewers managed to correctly guess a majority of the singers after only the first couple of episodes, and some exceedingly obvious clues helped seal the deal ahead of official unmaskings.

Season 1 of The Masked Singer had its fair share of random celebrities, with names from the sports world, television, and broadway all making an appearance. Still, one may not consider former N*SYNC singer (and enthusiastic contestant) Joey Fatone or TV mainstay Donny Osmond to be the most top-tier talent, so the promise of “even more major celebrities” all depends on who Cannon considers major.

Will we be surprised by an actual A-lister like when Ryan Reynolds appeared on the Korean version of the show? Or is he talking about someone who found 15 minutes of fame on the Internet in 2015?

Anything feels possible at the moment, especially after the show became a surprise hit and decided to up its game for Season 2. More contestants are on the way, which means even more crazy costumes as well. Cannon only spoke briefly on the new costumes to THR, but did reveal one is a “very flamboyant egg.” What does that even mean, especially in a show that featured a humanoid pineapple and deer in a leather trench coat?

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All will become clear in time, as Fox plans to bring The Masked Singer back for Season 2 on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend for more updates on it, as well as the latest news on all things related to television and movies.

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