Vikings Season 6: Ivar Actor's New Look May Be An Epic Battle Tease

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UPDATE: A Vikings fan updated to say this new look is just an experimental attempt for the sacrifice makeup in Season 5 and not a Season 6 tease. If that's the case, bummer. Still a cool look, though, and it's possible a lot of the speculation below will still happen anyway ... just without those cool stars.

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Vikings fans recently got an exciting tease of what is to come in the series’ sixth and final season, thanks to Katheryn Winnick’s electrifying Lagertha sneak peek. Now, it seems as though Alex Høgh Andersen, who plays Ivar on the series, is giving fans another peek at Vikings Season 6. Check it out below:

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I do not remember ever seeing Ivar dressed up like this on Vikings. So, unless I missed something major, this is a super intense, battle-ready look Ivar will probably be using in Season 6. As fans know from last season, Ivar has a propensity for utilizing exaggerated makeup.

Vikings viewers will recall, he was very painted up during the ceremony wherein he claimed he had sacrificed Lagertha. Surprise, Kattegat! She is still alive. If you thought Ivar’s days of extreme painting were over, they are not. The question is, what is he made up for, and why the addition of stars or spiders?

Ivar could very well be made up for battle. The question is, against who? When Vikings left off, he was headed for Rus. Based on what is known about Season 6, he will be staying with the Rus Prince, Oleg the Prophet aka Oleg Novgorod.

Will Ivar be going to battle in the name of the Rus Prince? Could he win something there and then convince the prince to help him take back Kattegat? It is possible. In the Lagertha-centric teaser that got released, she mentioned Kattegat getting attacked. Ivar seems like a likely suspect. However, so does Harald. Stay tuned.

There is another possibility to explain his incredibly visceral makeup. Ivar could be leading another of his pagan ceremonies. Maybe he converts the Rus Prince? When Ivar got dramatically made up in Season 5, it was to conduct a ritual. It is hard to believe the Rus Prince would let him lead one for several reasons, but you never know.

Ivar has proved to have persuasive abilities over people. Just look at his relationship with his brother, Hvitserk. Ivar convinced him to temporarily turn against Bjorn, so it is possible he gets the Rus Prince, Oleg, to go along with something. Including using his forces to help Ivar take back Kattegat.

Also hinted at is that the brunette doppelganger of Ivar’s dead wife will be making her way to Season 6 of Vikings. There is strong reason to believe this new woman will also be in Rus.

Ivar murdered his wife, Freydis, in the Season 5 finale after she helped Bjorn enter Kattegat. If they do indeed cross paths, will Ivar pursue this newly introduced woman? My bet is on him doing exactly that.

Find out what Ivar gets up to when the first half of Vikingsfinal season premieres. A premiere date has not gotten set yet. When it does bow, it will do so on History. Want to relive the past? Seasons 1 through 5 of Vikings are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. If you need something to distract you during the wait for Vikings return, check out summer’s sprawling selection of premieres.

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