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Vikings fans had a little bit of an idea of what Lagertha would be up to in Season 6. Thanks to her portrayer, Katheryn Winnick, they are getting a special sneak peek. Check out the thrilling video and what Lagertha has to say in the final season below:

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Okay, I have to admit it. Yours truly is a little bit surprised by the content of Lagertha’s speech in this Season 6 promo. When Vikings left off, her son -- Bjorn -- had defeated Ivar and been crowned by Lagertha herself as the King of Kattegat. It seemed like Bjorn would continue taking over his parents’ mantle as the leader of his people throughout the final season.

In this Vikings Season 6 video, Lagertha asserts that she rules Kattegat. How so? It makes no sense that Lagertha would overthrow her own son. Maybe he has left her in charge of Kattegat while he is away? Or did something terrible happen to Bjorn and she has taken over for him? This promo gives way to a lot of Vikings speculation. Time to get to it!

For the sake of further speculation, here is what Lagertha says during the promo that Katheryn Winnick shared:

This is my kingdom. I rule Kattegat. And I must protect it and look after it and its people. Especially now, when we have every reason to expect another attack from the forces of King Harald. Do you understand?

Based on what Vikings fans know so far about Lagertha’s journey in Season 6, it did not seem to consist of returning as Kattegat's ruler. Vikings’ creator, Michael Hirst, previously teased that Lagertha would take a step away from her shield-maiden spotlight. Opting to retire and enjoy a simpler life in the Season 6 premiere. All of which makes sense considering her traumatic time last season.

Hence, Lagertha’s speech in the promo must come later in the season. Vikings’ creator did assert that Lagertha would not be able to walk away from her former life. Is this how she returns to it? In the teaser, she sounds anything but retired.

The question is, what exactly brings her back? Well, the initial teaser for Season 6 may provide insight into that. Check it out below:

As you can see, Lagertha is dressed in her battle uniform and says that her people “must prepare for another attack.” Was that attack perpetrated by King Harald? The new Season 6 sneak peek Katheryn Winnick recently shared seems to hint heavily at the possibility.

Things between Bjorn and Harald were strained in Vikings Season 5. Albeit, they staved off the tension long enough to ally in taking down their mutual foe, Ivar. Then again, the attack Lagertha is referring to in Season 6 could also be the result of Ivar. It seems unlikely he will completely relinquish his power in Kattegat for good.

There is another option for why Lagertha is speaking as the ruler of Kattegat in the new Vikings Season 6 promo. Bjorn has died. Stay with me. In the first teaser trailer for Season 6, Lagertha can be seen and heard addressing the people of Kattegat. She says, “He died for all of us.” Who is this “he” she is referring to?

Well, Bjorn is a prime candidate, and Harald could be his killer. Harald has a strong motive to murder him. Not only for power. He saw himself as a romantic rival to Bjorn for the latter’s current wife, Gunhild. Losing her affection to Bjorn stung the vicious Harald. Add to the recipe Harald’s vitriol for Lagertha, and it makes sense he would kill or attempt to murder her son.

The sixth season of Vikings will be split into two halves, as it has been for a while now. It was announced last year that it would be the series’ final installment. Vikings’ creator explained why he decided it was time to end it.

Fans have a lot to contemplate when it comes to the series’ endgame. Before Ivar murdered him, The Seer had told Lagertha that she would be killed by one of Ragnar’s sons. Who is it? Ivar was a prime suspect, but with Ivar headed to Rus, it seems doubtful. Albeit, he has a reach.

Find out how Lagertha’s fate plays out when Vikings returns for Season 6. A premiere date for the History series' return has not been announced yet. In the meantime, start thinking about who you would like to see come back for the final season.

Vikings Seasons 1 through 5 are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. If you want to await Vikings' return with summer’s sprawling selection of premieres, there is that too.

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