Yes, How To Get Away With Murder Has Already Figured Out Its Ending

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When it comes to a long-running series’ crucial strategies, the ending gets a lot of attention. In the case of Grey's Anatomy, creator Shonda Rhimes revealed she stopped trying to plan how it would end. So, has How to Get Away with Murder figured out its ending? The Viola Davis-led legal drama will kick off Season 6 with a potential one in mind.

The series is heading into its sixth season this fall. Meaning another season of murder related turmoil is on its way. Since premiering in 2014, and with five seasons complete, is How to Get Away with Murder prepared to get away with its finale? The series’ creator, Peter Nowalk, revealed he has indeed come up with a potential ending. Nowalk told TV Guide:

I'm so excited to tell you I do! I wouldn't have been able to tell you that last week, but I do, and I love the idea. I haven't told anyone, I'm just sitting on it, and I would obviously like to write this show forever, but I'm also really excited that I have an ending that I think is really great!

This quote should undoubtedly excite fans! They are probably in no hurry to see the series come to an end. However, knowing that the creator has an ending in mind should be comforting. It means that How to Get Away with Murder is hurtling towards a potentially definitive conclusion. No matter how long it takes to get there.

Apparently, the possible endgame came to How to Get Away with Murder’s creator within a week. When a great idea hits -- it hits! The question is, will it stick? Things change quickly in television. Considering that the new season has not even started airing yet, it would not be shocking if some things end up getting tweaked.

I am curious if his ending is a broad sense of where all of the characters end up. Or if there is a specific plot he has planned to bring it all to an end. In that case, does the FBI play a role in that? Stay tuned.

As much fun as he is having writing the show, Peter Nowalk has contemplated where things could end up. Could fans start to see it take shape in Season 6? It is possible. Even if it is not set in stone, there could be potential clues to where the show is headed.

Whether or not Season 6 will be How to Get Away with Murder’s last or penultimate season is not known. The drama will return along with the already renewed Grey’s Anatomy, and last season’s surprise hit A Million Little Things.

How to Get Away with Murder's future probably depends on if its Oscar-winning star, Viola Davis, is still eager to continue. As well as if the series continues to experience a steady ratings performance. If so, who knows what could happen? It is quite a Thursday night lineup.

How to Get Away with Murder Season 5 saw the reveal that the FBI was investigating the murders that have abounded around Annalise and her students. Whatever does or does not happen as a result of the investigation, Season 6 is going to be intense!

The sixth season of How to Get Away with Murder will premiere Thursday, September 26 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. You can currently catch up on its first five seasons on Netflix, alongside other recent and upcoming premieres. After summer’s premieres finish up, the drama will be back!

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