Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: Sounds Like Dean Pulls Another Classic Dean Move

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MAJOR SPOILERS ahead from Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Season 6.

He's baaaack. Dean Unglert had a good showing on Rachel Lindsay's The Bachelorette Season 13. He had a really bad showing on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4. And then he had a decent showing on Bachelor Winter Games. Because there's more time and money in the mix, I suppose, Dean is back for Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, which premieres August 5.

It sounds like he pulls a pretty classic Dean move, which isn't exactly a good thing. However! The good news for Dean is that it sounds like one guy out-Deans him in every "hold my beer" respect. So Dean may just walk away from this unscathed.

Here's the deal, per spoiler guru Reality Steve. Dean is not one of the original people to arrive in Bachelor in Paradise 2019. He's said to arrive before the second rose ceremony. He goes on a date with Caelynn Miller-Keyes from Bachelor Colton Underwood's season. She gives him a rose. Reality Steve updated on what happened after the third rose ceremony:

At the third rose ceremony, Dean gave his rose to Caelynn then left. Didn’t see a relationship progressing past the show. Connor S. came in and asked out Caelynn and things were going well until Dean returned, said he wanted to be with Caelynn, and Caelynn left with Dean.

So, per Reality Steve, Dean bailed, then changed his mind on bailing. Check your watch, because it might be time for Dean to bail again. There's no word on whether Caelynn is still dating Dean right now, but expect an update on that front, since Bachelor in Paradise 2019 filming is already over. UPDATE: According to Steve, Dean and Caelynn are or at least were together in Spain, so it sounds like they are still together as of early July 2019.

By the way, don't you worry about Bachelorette Hannah Brown's fan favorite reject Connor Saeli. Bachelor in Paradise helped him find someone else, in a roundabout way.

As you'll recall, Dean tanked his own reputation during Bachelor in Paradise 2014. He got close to Bachelor alum Kristina Schulman, and they were together when that season had to take its infamous production break. When they returned, though, they were clearly on different pages about the relationship. Kristina thought they were a couple, after spending so much time together off show. Dean felt otherwise, and started a relationship with Danielle 'D-Lo' Lombard. That hurt Kristina, and viewers were sympathetic to her.

The season ended with Dean telling D-Lo he said had feelings for Kristina, and the show made it look like he was leaving to be with Kristina. But D-Lo said Dean contacted her right after taping and they had a relationship right after Paradise. Dean was put on the hot seat about that flip-flopping "indecisiveness," and he admitted it.

Caelynn cries talking to Chris Harrison on The Bachelor 2019 Women Tell All ABC

Now it sounds like Kristina Schulman will be back in Paradise, but not caught up in any Dean drama. However, it sounds like both Kristina and Caelynn get caught up in Blake Horstmann drama.

Blake was Bachelorette Becca Kurfin's runner-up. Like Dean, he had a sympathetic showing on The Bachelorette, and he apparently entered Bachelor in Paradise a fan favorite.

Caelynn -- who apparently has a big role in Paradise this season -- had said she would've preferred the Bachelor on her 2019 season be Blake (or Jason) instead of Colton. Caelynn was also called out for talking about wanting to slide into Dean's DMs during The Bachelor. So her love for Dean (and interest in Blake) predates Bachelor in Paradise 2019.

According to Reality Steve, what Blake does on Bachelor in Paradise 2019 is much worse than anything Dean did, since Dean only balanced two women. Blake reportedly has, um, adventures with Tayshia, Kristina, Caelynn, and Hannah G. It becomes a huge dramatic focus of the show. (Sounds like Hannah Godwin does find lasting love with someone else, though.)

So that might be why Caelynn feels OK with Dean, despite Dean's history. And Dean may want to thank Blake if Dean comes out of Bachelor in Paradise without the 2019 "fuckboi" status.

As of this writing, Bachelorette Hannah's own mess of a season still has a few weeks left, and an extended two-night finale you won't want to miss. Bachelor in Paradise 2019 will follow that with its own drama -- including three engagements, and two stars getting kicked out -- starting Monday, August 5 on ABC.

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