Stranger Things Season 3 Already Broke Records At Netflix

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Stranger Things Season 3 made its much-anticipated bow on Netflix last Thursday, July 4 -- a holiday for some indeed. It has not taken the show long to already break records for the streaming giant. Netflix is infamously shy when it comes to sharing its ratings. However, it has not let its coyness prevent it from shedding some light on how well Stranger Things is doing upon the release of its latest installment.

This week, Netflix announced some startling statistics. According to the streamer, “40.7 million household accounts” have been watching Stranger Things, since its July 4 launch. This is where the record-breaking stat comes in. Netflix says that number is “more than any other film” or television series, “in its first four days.”

That is not where the good news ends either. Netflix also reports that 18.2 million have already completed viewership of the entire third season. As in all eight episodes, already! If it feels like everyone you know is watching Stranger Things, these numbers indicate that may be more than a feeling.

Since these numbers are coming from Netflix directly and without third-party confirmation, a grain of salt status still applies and Netflix's worldwide market is worth considering. Still, Stranger Things is undoubtedly popular, so it is not hard to believe that Season 3 is a huge hit. The third season has been hotly anticipated having followed a considerable wait.

Season 2 of Stranger Things debuted in late October 2017, meaning fans have had to wait more than a year to revisit Hawkins, Indiana. To say the excitement had a chance to build would be an understatement. Considering the numbers that Netflix says Stranger Things’ latest installment has put up, one would hope as long a wait is not in store for the show's next bout.

Given this news, you would also think that Netflix is in no hurry to see the beloved show end. Whether viewers have watched the penultimate season of the entire series, or the one leading to the penultimate, has not gotten confirmed. The cast has revealed why they think Stranger Things should only last one or two more seasons.

For now, fans who have already devoured the third season have a lot to contemplate. Including Season 3’s ending and what that post-credits sequence means for Season 4. The series’ return saw the “beautiful” coming out story of one character.

As well as the seeming demise of more than one Hawkins denizen. Were they really killed off? One star has weighed in. The critics have also had their say about the third season. CinemaBlend’s Laura Hurley described Season 3 as turning up the horror “to Eleven.” Sounds intense!

Season 1 through 3 of Stranger Things is now streaming on Netflix. Summer continues to be a hot spot for new television content. Lots of other TV options will be joining Stranger Things this summer and beyond on Netflix.

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