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Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Who Won The Veto And Who Will Be Evicted?

Big Brother 21 2019 Nicole in front of memory wall CBS

SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Big Brother 21 has been a mess of ugly drama and an overpowering alliance in Gr8ful -- but the good news is that there's a major divide this week. Nick Maccarone is Head of Household and he's targeting Nicole Anthony for a backdoor eviction, but the rest of his alliance -- especially Christie Murphy, who is now in a very powerful position -- would rather keep Nicole to help oust manipulative Nick and the increasingly unpopular Isabella Wang.

So the current majority plan is to keep Nicole and evict Cliff Hogg III. Will things change before the live eviction on Thursday, July 18? You know we have to "expect the unexpected," but I do hope this plan sticks. Love you, Cliff, but I love Nicole and dislike Bella/Nick even more.

Nick nominated Cliff and Jessica Milagros for eviction. The Power of Veto competition was held super late on Saturday, July 13. The Veto players were Nick, Cliff, Jess, Christie, Jackson and Kat. You'll never guess who won.

Kathryn Dunn won the Veto. Yes, Kat, the butt of jokes -- who initially wanted to quit the whole 2019 season -- is now a comp winner. Jackson Michie can't relate. (Interesting enough, it sounds like Kaitlyn from BB20 returns for the PoV comp. There were already some Kaitlyn and Kat comparisons, and now look. I love it.)

Big Brother 21 2019 Kat won the Power of Veto CBS live feeds screenshot

That was good news for Jess. The Veto ceremony was held on Monday, July 15. Kat used the Power of Veto on Jess. Nick nominated Nicole as the replacement nominee. Nick told Cliff that Nicole was going home, but it's looking more like Nicole vs. Cliff will send Cliff to Camp Comeback.

Christie has been open about wanting Cliff out. She said at one point she thought he was America's Player, which is wrong but a fair guess from inside the house. She overheard him spilling all that tea about his own plans and she seems to think he's a dangerous threat.

Christie already revealed that she won the final Whacktivity competition, and won the Panic power, which is the Diamond Power of Veto. She's going to work the threat/potential of that power for all it's worth.

Besides, Nick and Bella are considered bigger threats than Nicole, with much of the house seeing the showmance couple as manipulative and even bullying. Nick and Bella saved themselves this week with his HoH but no one is too fond of them at the moment. If Nicole wants to stick around and take a shot at Bella, no one minds. Bella seems to be the new #1 target because the rest of her former alliance is pretty sure she'd be brutal to them in jury. They want her out before jury.

Christie pitched to her alliance-within-the-alliance -- Tommy Bracco, whom Christie already knew before entering the house, and last week's HoH Jack Matthews -- that she's not voting out Nicole, no matter what. Jack's boy Michie seems on board, and both Jack and Michie's showmance mates -- Holly Allen and Analyse Talavera -- are likely to follow this section of Gr8ful.

Big Brother 21 2019 Cliff looks nervous

So Thursday's live eviction will be Cliff vs. Nicole, with Nick and Bella likely to be the ones blindsided. Unless things change, Cliff will become the final member of Camp Comeback.

Whoever is evicted -- Cliff, if the current plan stands -- will compete alongside David, Ovi, and Kemi to return to the house. That will happen Thursday, July 18. We'll see the Veto competition play out on Wednesday's episode. Who do you want to see return? I'd be happy with any of them, but Kemi would be a great teammate for Nicole and a wild card in the house.

Big Brother airs at 8 p.m. Sundays, but with Love Island now playing during the week, Big Brother airs at 9 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday on CBS. Sign up for the live feeds to see all the drama in real time.

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