Big Brother Spoilers: Do The Live Feeds Reveal Jack's Real Motivation As Head Of Household?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother. Read at your own risk!

Jack Matthews has two big targets in his sights on Big Brother, and Kemi Fakunle and Jessica Milagros are now up for elimination. While show footage has featured Jack saying his motives are based on feeling threatened by both women and not liking the way they play the game, recent footage from the live feeds may confirm what some audiences have suspected. Jack's motives as Head of Household may be tied to race.

Chatter about that first started when Jack (and his in-game bro Jackson Michie) began specifically targeting minority HouseGuests and stating odd motivations for doing so that didn't quite match up with what was seen on camera in CBS broadcasts. Fast-forward to now, and the live feeds seem to have captured Jack and Jackson using a racial slur to refer to Camp Comeback member David Alexander. The volume is low, but the word uttered by both men can be heard pretty clearly.

Warning: NSFW audio.

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Now, obviously this isn't something that's directly related to the current situation with Kemi and Jessica, but use of that language does give more power to the thought of some viewers that Jack's choices for eliminations are racially motivated. Unfortunately, this isn't anything new to Big Brother, and has been a problem in the past. For now CBS has yet to address the incident or the language that it sounds like Jack and Jackson used.

Which could result in some very interesting changes should CBS come down hard on these two. Big Brother HouseGuests have been expelled in the past for threats of violence, and Jack was heard on the live feeds not long ago saying he wanted to "stomp a mudhole" through Kemi's chest. Now there's audio that has him referring to Camp Comeback's David as a racial slur, and one has to wonder how that would make Kemi feel.

The point is, Big Brother has a case to expel Jack, and if it did, the ripple effect would change the entire course of the game. The head of the Gr8ful alliance would be lopped off, and one would think those that remain would get a little squirrely and scatter in light of the situation. It would have a big impact without a doubt, but as mentioned earlier, CBS has been silent on the matter.

Meanwhile, Camp Comeback already has two contestants (David and Ovi Kabir) that found their way there through Jackson and Jack's game, and a third is on the way. If Gr8ful Alliance wins HoH again, it's hard to believe whoever survives elimination this week won't be right back up on the block the following week. Right now Jack and Jackson seem to hold all the cards, and that probably won't change if they continue to dictate who enters Camp Comeback.

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