Big Brother Spoilers: Fans Want CBS To Expel Bella After Fight With Kemi

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SPOILERS ahead from the 2019 Big Brother 21 live feeds.

Big Brother 21 continued the drama after the July 11, 2019 live eviction, including a verbal fight between Isabella "Bella" Wang and Kemi Fakunle that briefly got physical when Bella put her hand on Kemi's arm, and Kemi told her not to touch her and pushed Bella away. That was enough for some live feeds watchers to call for Bella's eviction, but it probably wasn't enough for CBS to really throw Bella out.

The live feeds were lit, with Bella and Nick Maccarone both unhappy with Kemi's pre-eviction speech. Nick was bragging about winning the Head of Household competition, and feeling hurt because he felt like he was there for Kemi when she was down. Kemi had called out Nick and Bella for playing both sides of the house (true) but the speech seemed to solidify Nick's bond with Gr8ful. So that stupid alliance is the real winner of this fight.

While Nick was talking to people about the HoH comp and his ideas for nominees, Bella confronted Kemi about her speech. Because of the Camp Comeback twist, Kemi is still in the house. Bella was upset because she felt like she had been nice to Kemi -- they used to be pretty close -- but Kemi wasn't having it. She pretty fairly blamed Bella for blowing up Kemi's game.

Bella can't seem to stop blabbing, and she and Nick really did try to play both sides of the house, but her loyalty now seems to be to Gr8ful. It's specifically to Nick, and not so much to Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie anymore, since the trust may be gone there. If Nick hadn't won HoH, Bella and Nick may have been in big trouble. But now Nick can prove their loyalty to Gr8ful.

Bella and Kemi got into it for a while, but it wasn't really a major fight -- even when they literally put hands on each other. It wasn't like the pushing or headbutting we've seen get houseguests expelled before. Big Brother U.S. has only ever expelled four houseguests in the 20 previous seasons. Sometimes threats of violence will get you kicked out -- although it depends on the context, and sometimes production will just warn the HG to watch it; that seems to be why Jack is still in the BB21 house. Still, actual physical altercations are a major no-no, and Bella did touch Kemi first in a heated moment.

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To some fans, what Bella did was as expulsion worth as things we've seen in the past, including Willie vs. Joe in BB14:

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Other fans are debating the fight:

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Here's more context for the argument, which CBS will probably air in some way on Sunday, July 14:

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It's not the most dramatic fight Big Brother has ever seen, but it's the first major showdown of the 2019 season. Bella kept talking about the fight afterward on the live feeds, trying to defend herself by saying Kemi was standing too close and she just put her hand on her arm. Others in the house tried to make her feel better, saying she didn't come off looking bad.

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What do you think of the argument/fight/showdown/whatever? Should the producers have a more serious discussion with Bella, or just let it go?

Big Brother Season 21 continues Sunday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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