The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Pranked By Comic-Con Hotel Staff Using Andrew Lincoln Photos

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San Diego Comic-Con has arrived, and with its arrival comes a roll out of news, trailers, and cool things all related to pop culture. This often leads to some shenanigans from fans who want to show the scores of celebrities who attend that they love their shows and the whole experience that is SDCC. Some do this with cosplay, and others strategically place pictures of The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln all over Jeffrey Dean Morgan's hotel room.

Yes, Jeffrey Dean Morgan took to social media shortly after arriving in San Diego to announce that someone in the hotel staff had littered his room with photos of Andrew Lincoln. If the intention was to troll the Negan (and Denny Duquette) actor, it doesn't appear as though it worked.

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan was more than happy to share the photos which, as shown above, were placed in his bed and on his toilet, door, and mirror. In a follow up tweet, Morgan explained the deed was done by the hotel deliberately, and that the same thing had been done to The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus as well. Imagine being the person tasked with finding and then printing all those photos of Andrew Lincoln.

By the by, isn't it a little weird that of all these photos that were posted none of them show Andrew Lincoln playing Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead? Instead, the pictures seem to be either modeling shots, from his Instagram, or ones snapped by tabloids when he wasn't expecting it (something Morgan doesn't like). Perhaps the point was to find more sensual photos, and not pictures of him looking like the sweaty and often stressed Rick Grimes.

Whoever was tasked with placing all these photos apparently did a good job, as Jeffrey Dean Morgan missed all the photos in his first sweep. Morgan did a followup post an hour after the first, and revealed he found another Another Lincoln photo when he pulled back his bed sheets.

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This may just be an elaborate but overall meaningless prank, although one can't help but wonder if this is some PR stunt to tease Andrew Lincoln's appearance at The Walking Dead's Hall H panel on Friday. Even though he's not officially a part of the show anymore, it wouldn't be surprising to see him show up. Especially if there's something to say about The Walking Dead movies, which will star Lincoln's Rick Grimes.

Of course, this is all speculation, which is a part of the fun of San Diego Comic-Con. Surprises and unexpected reveals are all a part of the convention, so it's a safe bet The Walking Dead will have some unexpected news or appearance set for its panel. With that said it's also entirely possible the whole photo prank on Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus is entirely unrelated to this, and just a bit of fun to give the actors a chuckle or two.

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