Grant Gustin Reveals This Year’s Flash Costume Is “Closest” To The Comic Book

The Flash Season 5 Cowl was uncomfortable

We’re heading into a new season of superhero television on the CW, and one of the big talking points has been the brand new looks coming to some of the shows. From Supergirl’s new pants and bangs to Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow costume changes, there's a lot to look forward to. Speaking of costume changes, The Flash’s Grant Gustin also got a suit makeover, and the actor seems to be loving it.

In fact, during San Diego Comic-Con 2019, The Flash actor talked a little bit about the costume for the upcoming sixth season of the show. He spoke out about how the new suit may not be drastically different, but that it will be “the closest it’s ever been” to the comic costumes the fans know and love. He noted,

What we did last year I thought was awesome. We had some struggles with the cowl because it was our first time trying to do this type of suit. We built off of what we did last year. For the first time since we started the show we actually re-did the cowl entirely. So, it’s definitely the closest it’s ever been to looking like the suit from the comics. It’s pretty dang cool, man.

In fact, the changes seem to have been made to address some of the issues Grant Gustin had with wearing the costume during the filming Season 5. He told the crowd at San Diego Comic-Con there were “some comfort issues,” also noting that this year’s look is his favorite so far.

For sure the one I’m in now. Last year, it was my favorite suit, but the cowl was kind of a struggle. It didn’t look exactly where I wanted it to look. There were some learning curves there and some comfort issues. What we did [this year] is pretty much last year’s suit with some tweaks.

None of these issues are particularly surprising, given the likes of Stephen Amell have talked about how uncomfortable Flash's suit is in the past.

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In case you were wondering if he were taking some shots at the earlier iterations of The Flash’s costume, that’s not exactly what Grant Gustin is saying.

I loved my first suit too that Colleen Atwood designed. I thought it was cool and urban and vintage looking. It was a cool suit to start with, but what we have now is really close to what’s on the comic book page. I love it.

Although some fans were put off about how different Grant Gustin’s early costumes were compared to the comics (or the other short-lived Flash show), Gustin himself seems to have fond memories of it, although it’s also a little telling he’s more pumped about what will be coming during Season 6.

We’ve seen first look images at the new Flash costume already, although the images don't focus on the cowl.

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So, we’ll have to wait a while to see how well the new costume looks and moves on the small screen. Luckily, The Flash is back sooner rather than later. Barry Allen and co. will be speeding back onto TV on October 8, when The Flash makes its big Season 6 debut. To find out more about what's coming, check out our fall TV premiere schedule.

Meanwhile, the CW superhero shows were busy at SDCC 2019. To find out more about what The Flash revealed, take a look at what we learned about the upcoming season.

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