Why Supergirl Ditched The Skirt To Wear Pants

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While Supergirl's Melissa Benoist had previously rocked some costume variations in the past, such as for her battle against Jon Cryer's Lex Luthor, it was revealed that Kara Danvers' Kryptonian heroine is indeed getting a more permanent new look for Season 5. One of the big changes is her hairdo, which now has the added bonus of super-bangs, and another noteworthy alteration is the switch from skirt to long pants for Supergirl's costume.

Season 5 will mark the first time in Supergirl's run that Kara Danvers' standard blue-and-red suit will go from neck to toes in fine fashion, completely ditching the red skirt that has been adorned by some of the comic book character iterations over the years. Star Melissa Benoist addressed the issue during the Supergirl panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, for which CinemaBlend was in attendance. Here's how Benoist put it:

You know what? There were some logistics that needed to be addressed. I won’t mention the chafing, but it’s cold in Vancouver! You know, I was a little tired of having my bare legs exposed to the snow and the wind. But more than that, I also just think it’s the perfect evolution for her. It just felt like time.

One of the factors guiding the move away from the skirt was purely physical, it seems. All of the Arrow-verse shows currently film in Vancouver, Canada for their entire seasons, which includes productions through most of the coldest months. Just because the shows get winter hiatuses doesn't mean the cast isn't working during that time, after all.

As such, handling all of Supergirl's exterior shots during those months had to have been a blow to Melissa Benoist's comfort levels each season. Especially since the episodes filmed at that time air later in the year, when the seasons are depicted to be warmer. Doesn't help anyone out if the star of the show is shivering and potentially miserable due to unmentionable chafing.

On top of the weather issues, Melissa Benoist also saw Supergirl ditching Kara's skirt as an evolution for the hero, which makes a lot of sense for this show and how it has approached gender equality, along with the Arrow-verse's sometimes hindered attempts to not fall back on the sexualization of its female characters. After all, it's the insignia on the chest that defines Supergirl, not what is or isn't covering her legs.

It sounds like Melissa Benoist and others on Supergirl have long wanted to see the character adopt the costume change. Here's what else the actress had to say:

We’ve kind of been wanting it for a while. I love it, you guys, I love it.

Don't expect to hear Melissa Benoist badmouthing the Supergirl costume anytime soon, since this appears to be exactly what she's looking for. You can check out Benoist's new suit in full in the video below, which was shown to Comic-Con attendees.

That video also introduced the first look at Veronica Mars vet Julie Gonzalo as Andrea Rojas, also known as the Mexican heroine Acrata. In the comics, Acrata's focus is on taking down organized crime, and showing up the local authorities while in the act. In Supergirl, she will be a businesswoman and heiress to a tech empire who uses a hostile approach when moving up the ladder in mass media. She will be taking over CatCo as former series regular Mehcad Brooks exits the show as James Olsen.

The other new character that could be seen is the hardenered reporter William Dey, to be played by Game of Thrones vet Staz Nair. A character that's completely original to the CW drama, William Day is a cynical journalist who isn't moved by Kara's idealistic values, and isn't afraid to let those opinions out into the world so long as he gets his story. Unfortunately for the good guys, Dey has ties to the criminal underworld that could give Team Supergirl a new round of mega-problems in Season 5.

Fans can catch Melissa Benoist back in action as the National City Citizen of Steel whenever Supergirl returns to The CW for Season 5 on Sunday, October

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